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Oh Ratigan ! by 6PrinceBelialOh Ratigan ! by 6PrinceBelial




Peter Griffin- Pete
Lois Griffin- Maleficent (1959 version)
Brian Griffin- Shere Khan
Chris Griffin- PJ (from A Goofy Movie)
Meg Griffin- Ursula (from The Little Mermaid)
Stewie Griffin- Professor P. Ratigan
Glen Quagmire- Mortimer Mouse (from The House of Mouse)
Joe Swanson- Kronk (from The Emperor's New Groove; voice actor reference)
Bonnie Swanson- Megara (from Hercules)
Angela (Peter's current Boss)- Lady Tremaine (from Cinderella)
Old Man Herbert- Jafar (old man disguise; from Aladdin)
James Woods- Hades (from Hercules; voice actor reference)
Mr. Weed (Peter's old boss)-  Chi-Fu  (from Mulan)

Chapter 3

Back at Baker Street, Olivia had just ended her story of how her father was kidnapped. Basil was most interested.
He said as he puffs away on his pipe, "Hmmm, this case is most intriguing with its multiplticity of elements.
Its many twists and turns."

Then turning back to Olivia, the detective Pikachu asked, "Now, you're certain you've told me everything?
The slightest detail may be important."

"It's just as I said, and then my father was gone." stated the spiky eared Pichu.

"What do you make of it?" asked Dr. Dawson.

Basil took another puff of his pipe and began walking towards a window and stood for a moment saying,
"Ratigan's up to something. A crime of the most sinister nature, no doubt." Then he pondered, "The question is...
What would he want with a toymaker?" Olivia had followed him, seems that she idolized him in a sense.

As soon as Basil walked away from the window, thunder boom outside as a lightning bolt lit up the window.
It was Fidget. Olivia screamed as she saw his face at the window.

"Quickly Dawson, we've not a moment to lose!" Basil called out as he opens the door to catch the fiend.
"I'm right behind you, Basil!" called back the Oshawott catching up to the Pikachu.

Then the two Pokemon stood on the street in confusion.

"No sign of the blackguard anywhere." said Dawson.

"Not quite, Dawson. He left a series of rather unsual foot prints." Basil responded as he examines the foot prints.
"They obviously belong to the same fiend who abducted the girl's father. Ratigan's peg-legged lackey."

"Um, Basil..." said Dawson as he picked up a hat.

"Aha! Excellent work, old man." Basil said excitedly as he grabbed the hat, examined it quickly with his magnifying
glass and ran back inside.

The door was ajar and Mrs. Judson stood next to Olivia.

"Now now. There's nothing to be afraid of, my dear." she said in a comforting manner.

Basil ran in and Mrs. Judson pulled Olivia out of the way, glaring at Basil for not being more concerned about whether
or not he would have ran into the Pichu.

"Scoundrel's quite gone." said Dawson assuredly.

"But not for long, Miss Flamhammer!" said Basil

"Flaversham." corrected Olivia, a little irritable that Basil mispronounced her last name.

"Whatever." said the Pikachu as he tossed his housecoat aside and pulled out a brown jacket. Basil buttons the jacket
saying, "Now, we simply pursue our peg-legged friend until he leads us to the girl's father."

"Then you'll get my daddy back?" Olivia said with excitement, jumping up to Basil, hugging him around his waist.

"Yes... and quite soon," he said, removing himself out of her grasp. "If I'm not mistaken. Now hurry along, Dawson. We
must off to Toby's." he said as he puts on his inverness coat.

"Toby's?" questioned Dawson.

Basil replied as he buttons up his coat and puts on his deerstalker, "Oh, you must meet him.
He's just the champ for this."

"You want me to come?" asked Dawson.

"Ha! I should think a stouthearted army Pokemon would leap at the chance for adventure!" said Basil, walking away.

"Well, I am rather curious." said the Oshawott.

"Wait for me, I'm coming too!" said Olivia as she rushes by and grabbing her hat from the chair where it was
tucked under the violin. The violin fell and Basil dove in to catch it.

"What? Certainly not!" said Basil sternly, setting the violin back onto the chair. "This is no business for

Olivia took a few cheese crumpets from the tea tray into her pocket to take with her.
"Are we going to take a cab?" she asked, oblivious to the fact that Basil said no.

"My dear, I don't think you understand. It will be quite..." he said calmly as he sat down, "dangerous" Then a
crunching sound was heard as the Pikachu's ears perked and his eyes widened. He pulled the broken violin out
from beneath him.

"Why you... look what you..." he took a breath before he could lose his temper with the young Pichu.

"Young lady, you will most definitely not be accompanying us... and THAT IS FINAL!" he said, stamping his foot.

Then moments later, Basil led the pair through the dark tunnels in the wall before pushing a door open, just a mere
crack to peek out. Olivia came up beside him and opened it further to look around.

He glared at her slightly.

"And not a word out of you..." He said as foot step were heard entering the room, "is that clear?" he asked sharply.
Olivia glared up at him and shushed him. Basil saw that the humans had entered the room and he shut the door,
keeping his eyes on them.

"I observe that there's a good deal of German music on the program. It is introspective, and I want to introspect," said
the taller thinner man in the room, tapping the smaller rounder man on the stomach with his pipe. He then turned to

"But, Holmes, that music is so frightfully dull!" he said before following Holmes out.

Basil noticed that both men would not be returning for quite some time and opened the door wide.

He step out as his group follows after him.

"Toby? Toby!" he called around the flat.

Olivia tugged on Dawson's coat. He turned to her.

"Who is Toby?" she whispered.

The doctor answered, "Well, my dear, Toby is... well he's..." He trailed off and tapped Basil on the shoulder. "I say,
Basil, who is this Toby chap?" he asked. A booming sound was heard as a Growlithe came tromping up, tongue hanging out.

"Ah, here he is now." Basil introduced.

"Dawson, Toby." the detective Pikachu said, pushing Dawson forward.

"Charmed, I'm sure." Dawson greeted, taking off his hat to the Puppy Pokemon. Toby started growling at him.

"Toby! Stop! Toby! Cease, desist!" said Basil, shoving Toby back away from the now cowering Oshawott. "Sorry, old man,
Toby has the most splendid sense of smell of any Growlithe I've trained... but he can be deucedly frisky.

Then Toby distracted by another scent. He sniffed at a chair. Olivia peered out and smiled at him.

"Hello, Toby." she said patting his nose. Toby began sniffing Olivia. "Silly doggy!" she said gleefully.

"Would you like a crumpet?" she asked the Growlithe. Toby nodded. Olivia held out the cheese crumpet to him and he slid
his tongue across her open hand, picking up the crumpet.

"Now, Toby! Toby, to the matter at hand. I want you to-" Basil began as he digs around in his pocket. When he looked up,
though, Toby was a bit... preoccupied while he was on his back with Olivia his scratching his belly.

Basil cleared his throat and tapped his foot impatiently, getting the Growlithe's attention. Olivia slid into Dawson's
arms and Toby slid around.

"Now, Toby... I want you to find... this fiend!" said Basil, pulling out Fidget's hat. Toby immediately got into detective
mode as he starts growling at the hat.

"Yes, you know his type! Villain! Scoundrel!" he said, leading the Growlithe on, "low brow, close set eyes, broken
 wing..." Toby stopped growling, looking confused at this detail.

Basil breifly explained, "Oh, he's a peg-legged bat with a broken wing." Toby resumed growling at the hat.

"Yes, that's the spirit. Got his scent?" asked the detective Pikachu. Toby happily nodded

"Aha! Good boy!" said Basil. He then turned to get Toby's leash but he already turned around, looking happily at the pair
of Pokemon. Basil scootched in between them with the leash.

"Ms. Flenchester..." he started.

"Flaversham!" they all corrected irritably.

"Whatever..." said Basil. "Your father is as good as found. Toby," he said as the Growlithe took a stance, "sic 'im!"
Toby stepped on Basil as he took off as he took but Basil kept a very firm grip on the leash. He held on, flying after
Toby while the other two took off running after him. And so, the search for the toymaker has just begun.

Princess Clara- Ariel (Little Mermaid)
Foxxy Love- Tiana  (Princess and the Frog)
Wooldor Sockbat- SpongeBob Squarepants
Xandir- Link (Legend of Zelda series)
Captain Hero- Gaston (Beauty and the Beast)
Spanky Hamm- Eric Cartman (South Park series)
Ling-Ling- Pikachu (Pokémon series)
Toot- Betty Boop

Inside a large barrel located deep in the sewers below the city, Hiram Flaversham sat in a locked up room, tinkering with
a robot, testing to do certian things. He even had it pouring tea into a cup and adding sugar. As of now, it was nearly
done. Just a few kinks and it would be ready to go.

He had hardly even noticed a larger "mouse" had entered. That happens to be Professor Ratigan himself.

"Quite an ingenius scheme, eh Flaversham?" he proclaimed. "And aren't you proud to be a part of it!" he said as he
leaned over rubbing the old Pikachu's head as you would a puppy.

"This whole thing... It's monstrous!" said Hiram.

"We will have our little device ready by tomorrow evening, won't we? You what will happen if... you fail" Ratigan said,
dangling a little bell he pulled from his pocket. The toymaker knew the threat the bell warned of but he also knew what
he was doing was wrong and his life is not worth it.

"I... I don't care!" he said, shoving the controls for the robot forward. Soon the robot was out of control, dumping
tea cup on itself before grabbing the pot and dumping it on itself throwing towards Ratigan. Ratigan dodged, nearly
getting hit by the tea pot. He looked enraged, glaring at the device. As the robot came to a grinding halt, it
squirted out oil, splattering it on Ratigan's jacket.

Then, Ratigan took out a hankerchief, cleaning the oil of his jacket."You can do what you want with me,
but I wont be a part of this.. this evil any longer" growled the elderly Pikachu. Ratigan looked angry at first as he
took a puff of his cigarette before a sly smile found its way across his face.

"Very well, then. If that is your descision", he said shaking it off before looking down at the table. "Oh,by the way...
I'm taking liberty of having your daughter brought here." Ratigan as he grabbed the Bellossom toy Hiram made for Olivia's
birthday and began winding it.

"Olivia?" Hiram said in shock as his eyes widen.

Then Ratigan places the toy on the table. "Yes... I would spend many sleepless nights if anything unfortunate were to
befall her." he said in a nochalant, but threatning manner as he watches the Bellosom doll dance.

"You, you wouldn't!" said Hiram as Ratigan picked up the tiny doll and held it delecately. Then suddenly, the music
stopped as he squeeze the toy so hard it broke in his hand. He pouted before looking back at the toymaker.

"FINISH IT, FLAVERSHAM!" shouted Ratigan. Hiram hung his head, going back to repair the machine.

Ratigan walked out of the locked room, humming a tune as he wrote a list with broad-pointed quill pen.

"Oh, I love it when I'm nasty." he smiled to himself.

"Fidget?" Ratigan called out as he spotted the bat hanging upside down asleep on the spout of the abandoned ale barrel
used for a hiding place. "FIDGET!" shouted Ratigan.

Then Fidget snapped out of his slumber and fell off the spout onto the ground.

"Bright and alert as always." the professor commented. "Now, here's the list." he said, handing the paper to Fidget.

"You know what to do and no mistakes!" he threatened.

"No no no mistakes." Fidget said, turning the list around as his boss enters the barrel.

"Tools, Gears, Girl Pichu...uniforms..."

"GO, FIDGET!" Ratigan yelled, sticking his head out of the door.

"I'm goin, I'm goin!" said Fidget, hopping out of the sewers.

Then, Ratigan entered the ale barrel where his followers stood around him. Among those thugs consist a gang of Rattata,
a Ghost-type Gengar, a Charmander, and a Munchlax named Bartholomew who apparrently loves to drink. He took a new
cigarette from his pocket and at least seven different matches struck to light it for him.

He took a puff and blew out before beginning.

"My friends, we are about to embark on the most odious, the most evil... the diabolical scheme of my illustrious career.
A crime to top all crimes. A crime that will live in infamy!" he waited as his men cheered for him. He held a newspaper
with a picture of a female Raichu who apparently is the Queen of the Pokemon in England.

"Tomorrow evening our beloved monarch celebrates her diamond jubilee. And... with the enthusiastic help of our... good
friend Mr. Flaversham..." a few Pokemon snickered to each other, "it promises to be a night she will never forget." he
said, burining his cigarette into the Queen's picture. The group gasped as they realized he was planning her demise.

"Her last night, and my first... as supreme ruler of all Pokedom!" he announced. He then straightened out his hair as a
spotlight shown on him.


From the brain the brought you the Big Ben Caper
The head that made headlines in every newspaper
And wondrous things like the The Tower Ridge job
That cunning display that made Londoners sob
Now comes the real Toue de Force
Tricky and wicked of course
My earlier crimes were fine for their times but now that I'm at it again
An even grimmer plot has been simmering in my great criminal brain
Even meaner, you mean it, worse than the widows and orphans you drowned
You're the best of the worst around
Oh, Ratigan! Oh, Ratigan! The rest falls behind
To Ratigan! To Ratigan!
The World's Greatest Criminal Mind

Ratigan: (playing a harp) Thank you, thank you. But it hasn't all been champagne and caviar. I've had my share of
              adversity, thanks to that miserable second-rate detective, Basil of Baker Street.

Thugs: BOOOOOOO!!!!

Ratigan: For years, that insufferable pipsqueak has interfered with my plans and I haven't had a moment's piece of mind.

Thugs: (sadly) AWWWWWW!!!

Barthlomew: (sniffles and sobs)

Ratigan: But, all that's in the past. This time nothing, not even Basil can stand in my way. All will bow before me!

Oh Ratigan! Oh Ratigan! You're tops and that's that
To Ratigan! To Ratigan!

Bartholomew: (intoxicated) To Ratigan the World's Greatest Rat! (hiccups)

Thugs: (gasps)

Ratigan: (enraged) What was THAT?!

Bartholomew: (hiccups)

Ratigan: What did you call me?!

Thug Gengar: Oh, he didn't mean it, Professor.

Thug Charmander: It was just the slip of the tongue.

Ratigan: (grabs Bartholomew by his coat) I AM NOT A RAT!

Thug Rattata: Of course, you're not. You're a mouse.

Thug Gengar: That's right a mouse.

Thug Charmander: Yeah. A BIG mouse!

Ratigan: SILENCE!!! (throws Bartholomew outside of the ale barrell);
         (calmly) Oh, my dear Bartholomew. I'm afraid you've gone and
         upset me. (pulls out a little bell) You know what happens
         when someone upsets me. (rings bell)

Thugs: (gasps as a large obese Purugly arrives eat the drunken Pokemon)

Bartholomew: (slurring) Oh, Ratigan. Oh, Ratigan. You're the tops and that's
             that. (hiccups) Oh, dear. To Ratigan. To Ratigan. To Ratigan.
             The world's greatest...

Felicia: (swallows Bartholow; meows and purrs)

Ratigan: Oh, Felicia. My precious, my baby. (hugs Felicia)
         Did daddy's little honey bunny enjoy her tasty treat?

Felicia: (burps)

Ratigan: I trust there will be no further interuptions. And now, as you were singing...

Even louder, we'll shout it. No one can doubt what we know you can do
You're more evil than even you
Oh Ratigan! Oh Ratigan! You're one of a kind
To Ratigan! To Ratigan! The World's Greatest Criminal Mind

The Great Pikachu Detective Ch 2

In which we introduced the Napoleon of Crime himself, Professor Ratigan.
Note on the cheeck pinching thing- I replaced that action with a head rubbing (like petting a puppy) because if you
pinch any Pikachu's cheek it probably will give you a shock. Also for the song segment of the World's Greatest Criminal
Mind, I'll be using the lyrics as well as a script format for the speaking part. The term Pokedom replacing Mousedom
is introduced and will be used throughout.

The Great Mouse Detective belongs to Disney

Pokemon belongs to Satoshi Tajiri, Nintendo, and Game Freak


Chapter 1

Meanwhile, while on a Rapidash drawn carraige being carried across the barren streets of London, an Oshawott named
Dr. David Q. Dawson whom returned from Afghanistan serving as a major surgeon was reading a newspaper. When the
carraige stopped, Dawson decides to get off. It began to drizzle rain as soon as he began looking a place for him
to live since he left London for military duty.

He pulled out his umbrella and walked through the alleyway. As he was walking, Dawson heard the sound of crying coming
from an old human boot. Curiously, he glanced in saw Olivia, the spiky eared Pichu crying.

"Oh! Oh, my," Dawson said, before he went inside the boot."Are you all right, my dear?" Olivia turned to him and
Dawson handed her a hankerchief. "Oh come come now. Here, dry your eyes". She took and blew her nose, then hands
it back to Dawson. "There. Now that's better." Dawson said as he sat beside the young Pichu."Now tell me,
what's troubling you, my dear?"

Then Olivia calmed down and answered, "I- I'm lost. I'm trying to find Basil of Baker Street." She handed a newspaper
clip and Dawson pulled out his bifocals. "Now let me see here," he said before he read the headline,
"Famous detective solves baffling disappearance." Dawson paused for a moment then turned to Olivia and asked,
"Well, then where are your mother and father?"

Olivia was about to cry again, as she said, "That's why I m-must find Basil!"

Dawson then tried to calm her as he said, "There there there. Now now now. Well, I don't know any Basil." Olivia looks
at Dawson with her sad puppy eyes, but then Dawson gave her a warm smile, took off his bifocals and added,
"But I do remember where Baker Street is." Then Olivia smiled happily as she and Dawson got up and he opened his
umbrella. "Now come with me. We'll find this Basil chap together," Dawson said warmly as they walked onto Baker Street.

As soon as the pair arrived at a flat in 221 Baker Street, Dawson knocks on the door. Answering the door was an
Azumarill, Mrs. Judson who was in the middle of cleaning, carrying miscellanious junk in her arms. "Good evening,
madame. Is this the home of Basil of Baker Street?" asked the Oshawott.

"I'm afraid it is." she replied past the few blankets, tea cups and a mace in her arms. "He's not here at the moment,
but you're welcome to come in and wait," she offered politley.

"Oh, I don't mean to impose." said Dawson. "it's just, the girl," he pointed next to him. But then, Olivia was no longer
beside Dawson. Both he and Mrs. Judson looked back to find her already making herself comfortable by the fireplace in
what appears to be Basil's chair, looking through a magnifying glass.

"Oh my!" Mrs. Judson placed the objects in Dawson's arms as she rushed over to Olivia. "You poor dear. You must be
chilled to the bone." she said, removing Olivia's hat, wringing it out. "Oh but I know just the thing. Let me fetch
you a pot of tea and some of my fresh cheese crumpets!" Mrs. Judson said, removing the Pichu's scarf then walking off
towards the kitchen.

Dawson move inside the flat, setting the objects that had been thrusted into his arms in a suitable place before removing
his hat and coat and look around.

Olivia glanced over at two tables with strange, but interesting inventions sitting on them.

"Oh, that villain slipped this time! I shall have him!" the door burst open to reveal a Spinda in a red Chinese robe
waving a revolver pistol. Thunder roared and lightning flashed him and, needless to say, Dawson was scared out of his

"Out of my way! Out of my way!" said the Spinda, running past Dawson, throwing off his hat.

"I say!" Dawson said, but then the hat landing on top of his head cuts him off. He pulled it off and used to point
angrily at the intruding Pokemon. "Who are you!" he demanded.

"Wha- who?" the Spinda stopped in his tracks and turned around before placing his hand on his head. Then, the mask was
off revealing a typical Pikachu. "Basil of Baker Street, my good fellow." He then pulled a cord behind him causing his
Chinese robe to deflate.

Dawson could barely hide the astonishment on his face.

Basil stepped out of his disguise and went over to a dart board, pulling a dart out from holding his housecoat and
slipping it on. He looked at the dart and threw it carelessly behind him, landing a perfect bulls-eye. Olivia got
excited as she lept out of the armchair and ran to him.

"Mr. Basil! I need your help and-" "All in good time." said Basil, cutting her off.

"But you don't understand. I'm in terrible trouble." said Olivia. "Now excuse me." Basil cuts her off again as he
walks past her, preoccupied with other things.

Dawson saw Olivia's ears drop in disappointment.

"Now see here." Dawson tried as Basil rushed past once again. He followed him, "this young lady is in need of assistance.
I think you ought to listen-" Basil cuts off Dawson, handing him the gun. "Hold this please, doctor."

"Of course." Dawson said, holding the gun for a moment. Then, Basil took the revolver back.

"Now, wait just a minute. How the deuce did you know I was a doctor?" demanded Dawson.

"A surgeon to be exact." replied the Pikachu as he loading the bullet into the gun, "Just returned from military duty in
Afghanistan. Am I right?"

"Why, yes. Major David Q. Dawson." Dawson said proudly. But then an astonished look came across his face. "But, how could
you possibly..."

"Quite simple, really." Basil began, walking over, "you've sewn your torn cuff together with lambent stitch, which of
course a surgeon uses." he said, walking to armchairs. He gathered up the three throw pillows.

"And the thread is a unique form of catgut easily distinguished by it's peculiar pungency found only in Afghan provinces."
He then tossed the pillows into Dawson's arms.

Dawson said with his voice muffled through the pillows, "Amazing."

"Actually, it's elementary, my dear Dawson." Basil stated before cocking the gun, aiming at the pillows. Dawson then
realized that Basil intends to shoot them. So, he threw the pillows into the armchair, grabbed Olivia and took cover.

Then the gun sounded, leaving a huge mess of feathers flying everywhere.

Mrs. Judson heard the gunshot and emerged from the kitchen. She called out, "What in heaven's name! Oh! My good pillows."
Then she looks furiously at Basil with gritted teeth. "Mr. Basil! How many times have I told you not to..."

"Yes, yes. Mrs. Judson, it's quite all right." said Basil calming the angry Azumarril. Then he got a whiff of something
tasty from the kitchen. "Mmmm. I do believe I smell some of those delightful cheese crumpets of yours. Now, why don't
you fetch our guests some." said Basil, quickly shoving her back through the kitchen door.

Then Basil turned quickly to start looking for the bullet. "Now, I know that bullet must be here somewhere."
he said before seeing Olivia holding the bullet in her hand in front of him. Basil took it from her and said, "Thank you,

"Flaversham. Olivia Flaversham." The spiky eared Pichu introduced herself.

"Whatever." he said, walking away.

"Yes, but you don't understand-" Basil hushed Olivia before examining the two bullets under the microscope. As he was
turning the bullets, he found a fault in the markings.

"NOOOOOOOOO! DRAT!" shouted Basil. He then looked at the bullets hopelessly. "Another deadend." he said, walking past
the other two Pokemon. "he was within my grasp." he muttered through his teeth before plopping down into his armchair.

His hand reached around, found his violin and he began to play a mournful tune. Dawson then motioned Olivia to reason
with Basil.

"Now will you please listen to me?" she implored the depressed Pikachu. "My daddy is gone and I'm all alone."

"Young lady, this is the most inopportune time." Basil said mournfully, still playing the violin.

"Surely, your mother knows where he is." he added.

"I don't have a mother." Olivia said sadly. Then the violin playing came to a screeching halt.

"Well... then perhaps.." Basil said, trailing off out of ideas for the young Pichu. His sorrow turns into irritation

"See here, I simply have no time for lost fathers!" snapped Basil.

"I didn't lose him!" Olivia defended. "He was taken, by a bat!" Basil's eared perked as soon as he heard the word "bat".

"Did you say 'bat'?" he asked, looking at Olivia in astonishment. "Yes." replied Olivia.

"Did he have a crippled wing?" asked Basil, suddenly looking interested. "I don't know, but he had a peg leg!"
said Olivia excitedly, realizing that this piece of information might help Basil look for her father.

"Aha!" Basil exclaimed as he stands up in the chair.

"I say, do you know him?" asked Dawson, walking over to Olivia.

"Know him? That bat one Fidget by name, is the very employee of the target of my experiment. The horror of my every waking
moment, the notorious Professor Ratigan!" said Basil as he points his bow at the portrait of the wicked professor.

"Ratigan?" asked the Oshawott.

"He's a genius, Dawson," Basil explained, "a genius twist for evil. A Napoleon of crime!"

"As bad as all that, eh?" Dawson asked.

"Worse" the Pikachu answered. "For years I've tried to capture him and I've come close, so very close! Yet each time he's
narrowly evaded my grasp. No corner of London's safe, while Ratigan's at large. No evil scheme he wouldn't  concoct. No
depravity he wouldn't commit. Who knows what that dastardly villain may be plotting even as we speak. Above all, Ratigan
is a dangerous criminal."

Then Basil turned his attention to Olivia and said to her, "Now, I want you to tell me everything. The whole story of
father's abduction. And remember, the slightest detail may be important."

Olivia began telling the Pikachu detective her side of the story, starting from her father's kidnapping all the way to
meeting Dawson.

Peter Griffin- Pete
Lois Griffin- Maleficent (1959 version)
Brian Griffin- Shere Khan
Chris Griffin- PJ (from A Goofy Movie)
Meg Griffin- Ursula (from The Little Mermaid)
Stewie Griffin- Professor P. Ratigan
Glen Quagmire- Mortimer Mouse (from The House of Mouse)
Joe Swanson- Kronk (from The Emperor's New Groove; voice actor reference)
Bonnie Swanson- Megara (from Hercules)
Angela (Peter's current Boss)- Lady Tremaine (from Cinderella)
Old Man Herbert- Jafar (old man disguise; from Aladdin)
James Woods- Hades (from Hercules; voice actor reference)
Mr. Weed (Peter's old boss)-  Chi-Fu  (from Mulan)


Robin Grossman
United States

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