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My Peter Pan parody, "Ash Pan" will be the first parody to be finished.

Then I'll move onto to Lady and the Tramp, The Jungle Book and The Swan Princess.
Chapter 6: Mermaid Lagoon

Meanwhile, Serena, Ash and Pikachu discovered Mermaid Lagoon from afar. The mermaid residents there happen to be Misty, her sisters Daisy, Lily, and Violet, and

"Just imagine," Serena said to Ash. "Real live mermaids!"

"Would you like to meet 'em?" Ash asked Serena.

"Of course!" Serena said. "I'd love to!"

"Alright, c'mon," Ash said, before he flew down with Pikachu, playing his pipe.

"Pikachu!" Pikachu greeted the mermaids.

"It's Ash and Pikachu," Misty said.

"Hello, Ash! Hello, Pikachu!" Daisy, Lily, Violet and Dawn called out.

"Hey, girls," Ash said, as he landed on a rock with Pikachu perched on his shoulder.

"I'm so glad to see you," Daisy said.

"Why did you stay away so long?" asked Lily.

"Did you miss me?" asked Violet.

"How about you tell us about one of your adventures?" asked Dawn.

"Yeah, something exciting," Misty said.

"You wanna hear about the time I cut off Eggman's hand and threw it to Vector the Crocodile?" asked Ash.

"I've always loved that one," Violet said.

"There I was on Marooner's Rock, surrounded by 40," Ash began.

Meanwhile, Serena jumped down onto a rock and called out, "Oh, Ash!"

"Or 50 pirates," Ash continued, until Misty saw Serena and said, "Who is she?"

"What?" Ash said, before he saw Serena, who waved to him. "Her? Oh, that's Serena."

"A girl?" Daisy said.

"What's she doing here?" Dawn said, disdainfully.

"And in her night dress, too," Violet agreed.

Hearing this, Serena frowned, before Misty swam over to her and yanked on her leg, saying, "Come on, join us for a swim."

"But, I'm not dressed for that," Serena said.

"Oh, but you must," Daisy said.

"We insist," Lily said.

"No, no, please," Serena said.

"Too good for us, huh?" Dawn said.

"Ash!" Serena yelled, but Ash and Pikachu just laughed in unison, as the mermaids began splashing her. Now, Serena has had enough. She angrily grabbed a conch
shell and yelled, "Oooh, I swear. If you ever, I mean ever come near me again, I'll-"

"Hey!" Ash said, as he flew over and took the conch shell from her. "Calm down, Serena. They were just having a little fun. Weren't ya, girls?"

"That's all," Misty said.

"We were only trying to drown her," Daisy said innocently, with a smug look on her face.

"See? I told you." Ash said, as the sky suddenly started to darken.

"Well, if you think for one minute that I'm going to put up with any," Serena began, before Ash heard something and shushed her.

"Hold it, Serena," he said, before he flew over to a rock and peered through a hole. He saw Eggman in a rowboat with Mr. Whitey rowing and the Indian Princess,
Tiger Iris, tied up. "Yep," Ash confirmed, turning to the mermaids. "It's Eggman, alright."

"Eggman?" the mermaids gasped, before they screamed and dove into the water.

"Quick, Serena," Ash said, as he flew over to the rock, so she could have a look herself. "They've captured Tiger Iris."

And of course, wherever Eggman was to go, Vector was sure to follow.

Ash flew up to get a better look, before he said, "Looks like they're heading for Skull Rock." He flew away, as he said, "C'mon, Serena, let's see what they're
up to."

Serena followed, until Ash and Pikachu flew back and flew with her, as they both headed to one of Neverland's creepiest locations in the history of creepiest
Ash Pan ch 6
In which we meet the mermaids, and saw that Eggman captured Tiger Iris, taking her to Skull Rock. Will Ash, Pikachu and Serena, make it there to save the Indian Princess in the nick of time?
Chapter 5: Following the Leader

With Clemont in the lead, Bonnie and the Lost Boys trekked throught the jungle.

Clemont, Bonnie, and Lost Boys: We're following the leader,
                               The leader, the leader
We're following the leader
Wherever he may go

Tee dum, tee dee
A teedle ee do tee day
Tee dum, tee dee
It's part of the game we play

Tee dum, tee dee
The words are easy to say
Just a teedle ee dum a teedle ee do tee day

The group jumped on stones while crossing a stream, but Cartman tripped and ended up as a bridge for Clemont, Stan, Kyle, Clyde, Craig, and Butters. He got up
before Bonnie could cross. The stone turned out to be a Hippowdon's nose as Bonnie rejoined the group.

Clemont, Bonnie, and Lost Boys: Tee dum, tee dee
                               A teedle ee do tee day We're one for all
                               And all of us are for fun

We march, we laugh
and follow the other one
With a teedle ee do a teedle ee do tee dum

Clemont and the Lost Boys swung on vines while Bonnie used her teddy bear to slide down the vine behind them.

As they walked along, Clemont's top hat was taken by three gorillas, the mother, father and the baby. The father gorilla tried it on first, then the mother
did, putting a flower in it, then the baby tried it on, but it was too big for his tiny head.

The father gorilla puts the hat back on Clemont's head.

Kids and Lost Boys: We're following the leader
                   The leader, the leader
                   We're following the leader
                   Wherever he may go

We're out to fight the Injuns
The Injuns, the Injuns
We're out to fight the Injuns
Because he told us so

The group navigated a field of long grass. Bonnie bumped into a rock, losing the others. She climbed up the rock and saw the others, before she slid off the
rock, which turned out to be a Ryhorn, and hurried off to rejoined the others.

Kids and Lost Boys: Tee dum, tee dee
                   A teedle ee do tee day
                   We march along and these are the words we say
                   Tee dum, tee dee, a teedle deedle dee day
                   Oh, a teedle ee dum a teedle ee do tee day

Later, the group walked past an Ursaring, sleeping on a rock. Unknown to Clemont, his walking stick poked Ursaring in the nose, waking him up. Just as he
was about to attack, he stopped when he saw the teddy bear on Bonnie's head and sat up, looking baffled as he scratched his head with his claw.

Soon the group walked into a clearing, as they finished their song.

Kids and Lost Boys: Oh, a teedle ee dum a teedle ee do tee day

Suddenly, Clemont yelled, "Indians!" The Lost Boys scattered and hid, while Clemont knelt to examine two foot prints, as he said, "Ah, a BlackFoot track."
Meanwhile, the Lost Boys created a fort and hid in it. "Must have belonged to the... Algonquin. Quite savage, you know." Clemont continued.

"Let's go get him," Cartman said.

The other boys agreed.

"Everyone," Clemont said. "First, we have to plan a strategy."

"Uh, what's stragedy?" asked Cartman.

"A plan of attack," Clemont explained. "The initial phase is an encircling maneuver."

Meanwhile, Bonnie found a feather on the ground and bent over to pick it up, as a tomahawk flew towards her and missed. Bonnie put the feather in her hair,
took the tomahawk, and danced like an Indian. As she did, a tree crept over and followed her, as she walked before she stopped and noticed the tree behind her.
Experimentally, she took a couple steps and steps and so did the tree. This continued, before Bonnie ran a few steps away and turned to face the tree, and
jumped when it stopped inches away from her. Curiously, Bonnie peeked under the tree and saw two feet wearing moccasin shoes.

She gasped and ran off to warn her brother and the Lost Boys.

"Clemont! Indians! Indians!" Bonnie cried, trying to get into the huddle. But the others were ignoring her and Bonnie yelled, "Let me in!" as she beat
Cartman's back with her bear, but Cartman lightly shoved with his foot to move her away.

More trees appeared and snuck towards the group, passing Bonnie, before they surround Clemont and the Lost Boys.

"Now, remember," Clemont said, unaware of the trees that were surrounding them, "the Indian is cunning...."

The same tree that had been following Bonnie snuck up to her and two arms came out of the tree and grabbed her, as she cried, "Hey!"

She was pulled into the tree and dropped her teddy bear and the same hand pulled the bear into the tree.

"But not intelligent," Clemont continued, failing to notice the tree behind him. "So, we just surround them and take them by sur-" But, just then, two more
arms came out of the tree and pulled Clemont in as he yelled, "Prise!"

A struggle ensued, with the Lost Boys trying to escape the trees that were obviously Indians in disguise! Kyle frantically ran out of a tree, but was pulled
in. Clyde and Craig climbed up a tree, but the Indians chopped it down. Stan ran around the clearing, trying to evade the Indians that was chasing after him,
but the Indians grabbed him by the tail, flung him around, and he flew into the trees to be captured with the others.

Later, an Indian carried Kyle by the rabbit ears, while two others carried Stan and Cartman tied to a stick they which they were holding. Two more braves
held another stick with Butters, Clyde, and Craig tied to it, while the last brave led Bonnie and Clemont with ropes around their necks. Two braves followed
behind with one wearing Clemont's top hat, while another one had a rope around the teddy bear's neck and was dragging it.

Later, Clemont, Bonnie, and the Lost Boys were tied up to a totem pole, sitting on bunch of sticks, while the teddy was tied up to an arrow also sitting on
some sticks, as the Indian tribe played drums in the background.

"I'm so sorry, guys," Clemont said. "It's all my fault."

"Aww, that's cool, Wildcat," Cartman said.

"No, dude, we don't mind," Stan said.

"That's cool," Craig said.

"That's okay," Butters said.

Just then, the cheif of the Indian tribe approached the group and said, "How?"

"How, Chief?" the Lost Boys greeted the Chief.

"For many moons, we red men fought pale-face Lost Boys," the Chief said. "Sometime, you win. Sometime, we win."

"Okay, Chief, you win this time," Cartman said. "Now, how about you turn us loose?"

That caught Clemont's attention, as he said, "Wait, 'turn us loose?' You mean this is just a game?"

"Sure, dude," Stan said, "when we win, we turn them loose."

"And when they win," Clyde said, "they turn us loose."

"Exactly," Craig said.

The Chief shook his head, saying, "This time, no turn'um loose."

"Huh?" Those tied up said, before Butters giggled and said to Clemont, "Gee whiz, the Chief's a great spoofer."

"Me no spoofum!" The Chief said, furiously. "Where you hide Princess Tiger Iris?"

"Tiger Iris?" Cartman said.

"Dude, we don't have your princess," Stan said.

"Well, I've never seen her," Clemont said.

"Me neither," Clyde said.

"Honest we don't," Craig and Kyle said.

"No, sir. We really don't where she's at!" Butters said.

"Heap big lie." the Chief said. "If Tiger Iris not back by sunset, burn'um at stake!"
Ash Pan ch 5
In which Clemont led Bonnie and the Lost Boys to catch a few Indians, and ironically ends up getting captured by the Indians and was falsely accused of kidnapping the Chief's daughter, Princess Tiger Iris.
My Peter Pan parody, "Ash Pan" will be the first parody to be finished.

Then I'll move onto to Lady and the Tramp, The Jungle Book and The Swan Princess.


Robin Grossman
United States

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