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Many years have passed since Basil learned the ways of the Midianites and since his marraige to Kitty, and he was happier
than ever. One morning, Kitty was fast asleep on her bed. Basil ran his fingers over her cheek, then he leaned over and
kissed her there. She smiled in her sleep and Basil whispered to her with a sweet smile, "I love you."

He got up from bed, grabbed his shepherding staff, and gave her one last smile before leaving the tent. He looked at the
flock of sheep and the mountains where the sun was rising, and took a deep breath of fresh air, waiting to enjoy another
day of watching his flock. He walked through the flock and petted one of the sheep, but one of his favorite sheep baaed
from a nearby cliff nearby and started running into the mountain. Basil chuckled and started to follow it.

The sheep ran into a cave and Basil said to himself as he climbed the cliff, "It's too early for this." He went inside
the cave and started looking for the sheep, but he saw a blue and white light in one part of the cave.

He heard the sheep's baas and climbed down the cave to find the light source. He got to the bottom and saw a bush burning
white flames on a rock. Out of curiousity, Basil took one end of his staff and placed it over the flames to see if they
would burn it. He brought the staff back and saw no flames on it. He touched the end with his hand, but he felt no heat
on it either.

He wondered if it was real and reached over to the flames to touch them to see if it would burn him, and some of the
flames came on his hand. Basil brought his hand back and the flames disappeared in an instant. He looked at his hand to
see no burns on him.

He wondered what sort of magic this was, and a wind blew inside the cave and a voice said to him, "Basil..." Basil looked
around in surprise, wondering where the voice came from. The voice kept calling to him and he replied, "Here I am."

He waited for the voice to answer as he held his staff closer to him, and when it did, it revealed a spirit of a mighty
lion which was the source of the voice coming from the bush. The spirit said to him, "Take the sandals from your, for the
place on which you stand is holy ground." Basil looked down at his feet as the wind blew between them. He looked over at
the lion spirit above the burning bush, "Who are you?"

The spirit answered, "I am that I am." Basil got confused and said, "I don't understand." The spirit replied, "I am the
God of your ancestors, Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob." Basil was shocked; the Hebrew God was speaking to him!

He dropped his staff and quickly took off his sandals as Tanya's voiced echoed in the cave, "You were born of my mother,
Ms. Brisby! You are our brother!" Basil tossed the sandals aside and asked God, "What do you want with me?"

God answered as his 'flames'and aura turned from white and light blue to orange and yellow, "I have seen the opression of
my people in Egypt, and have heard their cry." He made Basil's voice from his last days in Egypt when he killed Soto for
whipping Dawson echo in the cave, "Stop it! Leave that man alone!" The memory of that day made Basil's heart sting with
pain, remembering saving the Hebrew slave and killing a slave driver at the same time.

God continued, "So I have come down to deliver them out of slavery, and bring them to a good land. A land flowing with
milk and honey." Basil began to sob, remembering his painful last moments in Egypt and his last time with Ratigan, and
the sadness on his face when he left. God said to him, "And so, unto Pharaoh, I shall send... you." Basil couldn't believe
what He was saying, and said, "Me? Wh-who am I to lead these people? They'll never believe me. They won't even listen."

"I shall teach you what to say." God said to him. 'He' made a voice echo, "Let my people go!" Basil exclaimed with
sadness, "But I was their enemy. I was the prince of Egypt, the son of the man who slaughtered their children. You've-
you've chosen the wrong messenger! How can I even speak to these people."

God blasted white light in the cave, making Basil fall to the ground, and roared, "Who made God's mouth? Who made the
deaf, the mute, the seeing, or the blind? Did not I? Now go!" Basil curled into a ball to protect himself from the light,
terrified, and the flames died down into the same light blue flames and smoke formed around him and gently lifted him in
the air.

God said to him softly as the smoke got Basil on his feet, "Oh, Basil, I shall be with you when you go to the king of
Egypt. But Pharaoh will not listen." 'He' continued as the smoke came into the air and formed together, "So I will stretch
my hand, and smite Egypt will all my wonders." The smoke blew around the cave and came around Basil. God said to him,
"Take the staff in your hand, Basil. With it, you shall do my wonders."

The smoke placed the mouse down and everthing in the cave cleared up. God said to him, "I shall be with you, Basil."
Basil looked up as a tear started rolling down his eye and smiled at his encounter with God. He heard voices call his
name and saw his staff laying on the ground. Remembering God's words, he grabbed his staff and got on his feet. He looked
at the bush, which had leaves on it without any charred branches, and gave it an understanding smile.

Later that day, Basil found the sheep and they left the cave together. Basil stood on top of the hill with the staff in
his hands and looked down at the village. A big smile grew on his face and he rushed back to his tent, where Kitty was
folding some blankets and doing some chores. Basil came over to her, spun her in the air, and told her about his
experience with God. He even told her that he had been chosen to free the Hebrews.

Kitty sat on the pile of blankets and sighed, "But, Basil, you are just one man." Basil put his hand on her cheek, turned
her to face him and said to her, "Kitty, please." Kitty brought herself away from him, not wanting to go to Egypt with
him after how she was captured and brought to the royal court when she and her husband first met.

Basil sighed and he had Kitty look over to Papa and the girls, who were sewing a new tapestry together and Papa laughed
happily with the girls. Basil said to Kitty, "Look at your family. They are free. They have a future They have hopes and
dreams, and the promise of a life with dignity. That is what I want for my people. And that is why I must do the task
that God has given me."

Kitty thought of what he said for a moment, then she looked at him and said as she hugged him, "I'm coming with you."
Their plan was settled. They began to make their journey the next morning after saying good-bye to Papa, the girls, and
the Midianites, and they rode off on Pegasus as everyone waved goodbye to them.

After flying through the desert for days, Basil and Kitty arrived in Egypt. They walked through the streets seeing Hiram,
Dawson, Jaq, and Gus with lash marks on their backs while leaning against a wall in agony, a Pikachu pushing a large stone
and completely exhausted, Fieval tripping on a rock and landing on his knees in exhaustion until Scar came over and lifted
him by his ears to make him get back to work, and some of the Hebrews stomping in the mud, and one of them looked over
with a look of exhaustion and pain.

Basil and Kitty arrived at the palace and Pete and Tai Lung led them to the throne room, where a banquet was held. They
slowly came up to the throne and all the guests were shocked at seeing Basil and Kitty and they arrived at the throne
where a bunch of ladies were dancing for the Pharaoh.

The Pharaoh was sitting at his throne with his wife, a young rat looking like him, and Fidget and Mortimer. The Pharaoh
looked over to Basil and Kitty and brought his hand out to order the dancers to stop.
The next day when the sandstorm subsided, a camel was walking along until he came over to a tuft of brown fur in the
sand. The camel sniffed it and took at bit of it, bringing Basil up from the sand. He looked up tiredly at the camel and
it spat the hair on his head, much to the mouse's disgust.

The camel started walking away and Basil noticed the water container on the side of the saddle. "Hey, wait!" he replied as
he pulled himself out of the sand and ran over to the camel. He grabbed the water container and the camel started dragging
him somewhere. After what seemeed like a while, Basil tiredly held onto the water container until the camel brought him to
an oasis where a flock of sheep where having a drink of water in a stone pool.

Basil let go of the water container and looked at the water in the pool. Relieved at seeing water for the first time in
days, he leaped to the pool, dunk his head into the water and started drinking it. He took a breather and looked up to
see a sheep drop his jaw and baa in shock. His relief was cut short when he heard some children screaming and one of them
exclaimed, "What are you doing?!"

"Help!" the other voice called out.

"Let our sheep drink!" a third voice exclaimed.

Basil looked over the sheep to see a couple of men, one, a rat with brown fur and enormous teeth, and a lion without a
mane and wearing a crown and a royal robe of an English king, harrassing a trio of girl mice.
All of then had brown fur and black eyes, one has a purple dress and head scarf, the other had a yellow dress and
red head scarf, and the third one wore a blouse with a checkered skirt and black shoes and wore a red bow on her ear.

Ratticate was taking water from a well while Suzy and Olivia tried to pull him away, and Prince John was shoving a sheep
away while Mary yelled, "Leave us alone, you big dumb bullies!"

"Stop it!" Olivia screamed.

Basil was angry seeing the men tormenting the three girls, but he thought there was nothing he could do to stop them. He
looked the other way and saw a couple of camels with their reins tied to some pegs on the ground. He knew they belong to
the two thugs, then he thought of an idea, snuck over to the camels, and untied the reins.

"My father's the high priest of Midian! You're going to be in big trouble!" Suzy shouted as Prince John held her arm and
Ratticate grabbed Mary and Olivia and they shoved them aside. Basil got their attention and called to them, "Hey, you!
Aren't these your camels?" He pointed to the camels he was holding beside him with a smirk.

Prince John and Ratticate looked at him with begging faces, knowing what Basil was going to pull on them. The mouse
commanded the camels to go and the thugs ran after them as they yelled, "No, no, no, no!"

"Wait!" Ratticate panted.

"Wait! Stop!" Prince John called to the camels as they ran after their runaway camels. The girls watched them run and they
turned to see Basil leaning against the well in exhaustion. Suddenly, the well's wall crumbled and Basil fell in it with
a yelp and a loud splash.

The girls rushed over to the well and saw the mouse trying to stay afloat in the water. They grabbed the well and started
pulling him back up. As they helped Basil up, a familiar female mouse, also their older sister, came over and laughed,
"What are girls doing?"

Olivia said as she and her sisters pulled the rope, "We're trying to get the funny man out of the well." Kitty came over
to the well and chuckled, "Trying to get the funny man out of the well. Well, that's one I've never heard before." Kitty
still looked the same since escaping Egypt the other day, but she now has gold bracelets, a dark blue skirt with a light
turquoise sash around  her skirt.

She heard Basil let out a loud yelp from the well and gasped hearing his voice, "Oh, my." She called down to him, "Oh, uh,
d-don't worry down there! Uh, we'll get you out! Hold on!" She grabbed the rope and helped the girls pull Basil up. She
saw Basil all soaking wet and said with a glare, "You!"

Basil looked at her and recognized her as the Midian girl from the banquet back in Egypt that he helped escape. Kitty knew
this would be a good chance at getting her revenge on Basil for humiliating her at the banquet and with a smirk, she let
go of the rope and Basil fell down the well with a yell and a loud splash was heard at the bottom.

The girls looked down and Kitty just shrugged with a smile. She simply smiled, "Mm-hmmm." She walked away from the well
and the girls watched her leave. Suzy scoffed as she put her hands on her hips, "That's why Papa says she'll never get

Some of the Midianites helped Basil out of the well and he was in a tent naked and getting cleaned by some ladies. Mrs.
Judson dumped some water on his head and she and Mama Mousekewitz started to washing his armpits, arms, chest and even
behind his ears. Basil stammered as the women washed him, "You don't have to do this. Ladies, please, I'm really...
I'm really quite..." A Raichu named Sugar (A/N: From a Pokemon Diamond an Pearl anime episode called, "Cooking Up A Sweet
Story") started washing his feet and Basil chuckled nervously, "No, not there, please."

The women kept washing him and he chuckled, "That tickles. Ladies, you've cleaned every inch of me." He shot up in suprise
with a small gasp and chuckled nervously, "Whoa! I guess I was wrong." He looked over and saw Kitty and the girls peeking
through the tent and laughing at him. Their laughter was cut short when they heard a man's voice say to them, "Let me
through, let me through. I want to see him!"

The girls moved away and a large mouse with dark brown fur, a white beard, and the same colored eyes as his three youngest
daughters, and wearing a pair of spectacles and a yellow button-up shirt with brown pants came in. The mouse was Mr.
Mousekewitz, but everyone calls him "Papa", and he is, of course, the girls' father and the high priest of Midian. He saw
Basil and smiled in a warm Russian sccent, "Ah! You are most welcome."

Basil covered his front with a towel and Papa came over to him and gave him a bear hug and lifted him up with his
strength, nearly crushing Basil. The girls laughed at their father's greeting to him and Papa smiled as he covered Basil
with a dark maroon robe, "You should not be a stranger in this land. You have been sent as a blessing. And tonight, you
shall be my honored guest." He chuckled in glee as he left the tent.

Kitty went over to Basil and said to him with a giggle, "My father, Mr. Mousekewitz, high preist of Midian. Everybod other
than me and my sisters call him 'Papa'." Basil couldn't believe the girl he humiliated in Egypt and helped escape was
really the daughter of a preist.

That evening, the Midianites were gathered at a bonfire and Basil snuck out a tent wearing a dark green tunic and the
robes Papa him earlier. He came up to a tapestry and watched all the people behind it. His thoughts where cut off when he
heard someone whisper to him, "Psst. Sit with me."

He looked down and saw Olivia tugging his robes and smiling at him. Basil sighed, "Um, alright." He followed Olivia to her
spot and sat next to her and Kitty. He looked down at the bowl of fruit in front of him, grabbed one of the fruits and he
was about to take a bite out of it, but Mary whispered to him with a frown, "Not yet."

"Oh, sorry." Basil said as he put the fruit back in the bowl. Papa came over to the bonfire and announced, "My children,
let us give thanks for this bountiful food." He came over to a notched-eared Pichu, who was sitting with her Pikachu
parents and twin brothers (A/N: Yes they are the Pichu Brothers.), and rubbed her head, making the tiny mouse Pokemon
giggle. Papa continued as he over to Basil, "And let us also give thanks for the presence of this brave, young man, whom
we honor here tonight."

Everyone applauded at Papa's speech, and Basil sadly said to him, "Please, sir, I wish you wouldn't. I've nothing in my
life worth honoring." Kitty frowned at him, knowing that he was right about what he said, since he humiliated her in
Egypt and he was rude to her. Papa felt upset seeing how Basil was, and the priest said to him with a soft smile, "First
you rescued Kitty from Egypt, then you defend my younger daughters from brigands. "He came over to the girls and hugged
them and they hugged him back.

Papa looked at Basil and continued with his smile still on his face, "You think that is nothing? It seems you do not know
what is worthy of honor." He grabbed a piece of string from the tapestry and began to sing;

A single thread in a tapestry
Though it's color brightly shine
Can never see its purpose
In a pattern of a grand design

He showed Basil the tapestry next to him and the scene shifted to the mountains having the same shape as the shapes in
the tapestry.

And the stone that sits on the very top
Of the mountain's mighty face
Does it think it's more important
Than the stones that form the base?
So how can you see what your life is worth?
Or where your value lies?
You can never see through the eyes of man
You must look at your life
Look at your life through Heaven's eyes

Everyone began to sing along and they all danced as some instruments were being played. They all danced around the bonfire
and Basil watched Olivia dance with Papa. Then she came over to Basil and smiled as she grabbed his hand, "Dance with me."

Basil shook his head, "No. I don't know how." Mary came over and she took Olivia to her sisters and they all danced as
Basil watched and clapped to the rhythm of the music.

Days passed and Basil was starting to enjoy his new life with the Midianites. He helped some of the people set up a new
tent and Mary came over to him with a jar of water for him to drink. Basil smiled and dumped all the water on his head,
and Mary laughed.

Next he stood over a small hill to see a flock of sheep; he was about to start another job to become a shepherd. Kitty
handed him a shepherd's staff, then she walked away from him and Basil watched over the flock.

A lake of gold in the desert sand
Is less than a cool, fresh spring
And to one lost sheep
A shepherd boy is greater than the richest king
If a man lose everything he owns
Has he truly lost his worth?
Or is it the beginning of a new and brighter birth?

One day, Basil knelt before a pregnant ewe that was on her side and breathing heavily. The ewe let out a loud baa and a
little lamb appeared in Basil's arm. The lamb baaed sofly as Kitty came over and wrapped a blanket around it.

Sometime later, the mice sat on a boulder as they watched the flock together. Kitty playfully shoved Basil and he walked
off with a smile. Kitty watched him leave and she reached behind her and found his shephered staff with lilacs tied to the
end, showing that he has decided to apologize for the trouble he caused her in Egypt.

So how can you measure the worth of man
In wealth, or strength or size?
Or how much he gained or how much he gave?
The answer will come
The answer will to him who tries
To look at his life through Heaven's eyes.

Later that day, a sheep was grazing on some grass with a stalk of straw in his mouth, and Basil looked at the sheep while
laying on his chest and having his own piece of straw in his mouth. He threw the straw away and rolled on his back to
look at the sky and smiled in content.

A couple of years passed and Basil grew into a finer young adult. He held a wide bowl above his head and Olivia was
trying to reach for it. He laughed and put the bowl down, but there was nothing in it. Olivia looked around the bowl, and
Basil smirked as he put his hands in his sleeves. He brought them out and showed small fruits between his fingers. Olivia
giggled and playfully swatted him, making the fruit fly out of his hands.

And that's why we share all we have with you
Though there's little to be found
When all you've got is nothing
There's a lot to go around

One night, the Midianites gathered around the bonfire and danced around it. Basil watched Kitty dance gracefully with
a red scarf in her hands.

No life can be escaped being blown about
By the winds of change and chance
And though you never know all the steps
You must learn to join the dance

Kitty snuck over to Basil and giggled as she wrapped the scarf around his neck and pulled him over to her, "Dance with
me!" Basil tried to resist, but Kitty kept pulling him over to Papa and the Midianites, and they had a spot open for the
mice. Kitty slightly pushed Basil into the gap and they had him dance around the bonfire with them.

"You must learn to join the dance!" Papa sang. Everyone backed up and Basil and Kitty held the ends of the scarf together
and they started dancing together. Kitty spun herself into the scarf and Basil smiled has they danced together.

One night, Suzy, Olivia, and Mary peeked behind the camels and watched Basil and Kitty talk to Papa from the inside one
of the tents. They both told them something and Papa gleefully pulled them up to him and embraced them happlily.

The next evening, everyone gathered around the bonfire and Basil and Kitty tossed white petals into the air as Papa smiled
at them and held their hands. Basil wore a white tunic and Kitty wore a white dress with silver bracelets and a white
hairband in her hair; Basil and Kitty are now married with Papa's blessing.

Kitty's siters and the Midianites cheered for the newlyweds and they happily ran past them to the bonfire.

So how do you judge what a man is worth?
By what he builds or buys?
You can never see with your eyes on Earth
Look through Heaven's eyes

Basil and Kitty danced by the bonfire and smiled at each other as Papa finished the last verse, "Look at your life. Look
at your life through Heaven's eyes."

The Midianites gathered around the newlyweds and danced around the bonfire through the wonderful night.
The next morning at the palace, Rameses stormed into the halls through the door to the gardens. He said angrily as he
stomped through the halls, "I've never been so insulted!" He went past a fat man with royal sultan attire, brown hair and
wears glasses. This was Peter Griffin, the sultan of Agrabah.

Peter looked at Rameses and asked nervously, "Rameses! You're not leaving so soon, are you?" As Rameses made his way to
the doors, there was a huge hole in the rear end of his kilt exposing his white undergarnments. Rameses yelled over to
Peter as he stormed out of the palace, "Good luck marrying her off!"

Peter groan in annoyance and said under his breath, "Angelica!" He went outside to the palace gardens where a young woman
was sitting at the fountain. The woman had olive skin, messy raven black hair long enough to reach down to her elbows,
and beautiful hazel-blue eyes and wore a blue top with an off-the-shoulder neckline and straps across her arms that showed
her midriff, blue pants, brown slippers, a gold necklace, gold earrings, and a blue headband with a dark blue stone at
the center; this was Princess Angelica, the princess of Agrabah and the Sultan's beautiful daughter.

Peter called out to her as he made his way to her, "Angelica! Angelica! Ange-" He was about to reach her until a large
black leopard with yellow eyes and black pupils came in front of him and growled. In his mouth was a piece of clothing
that looked like Rameses' undergarments.

Peter groaned as he pulled on the fabric, "For crying out loud, Bagheera!" He tried pulling the fabric out of Bagheera's
mouth, but the leopard had a tight grip on it his hands and Peter fell back when the fabric ripped in half. As Bagheera
walked back to his mistress and glared at Peter, he replied angrily as he held the fabric in his hands, "So, this is why
Pharaoh Rameses stormed out!"

Angelica said as Bagheera came up to her and smiled, "Oh, Daddy. Bagheera was just playing with him." She took the fabric
out of his mouth and threw it aside. Then she looked at Bagheera and said to him as she lovingly held his head, "Weren't
you, Bagheera? You were just playing with that underdressed, self-absorbed Pharaoh Rameses, weren't you?" They laughed
as Angelica petted Bagheera's head and held him close to her.

Their laughter was cut short when Angelica saw Peter frowning at her with his hands on his hips. She cleared her throat
and Peter came up to her and exclaimed, "Sweetie, you've got to stop rejecting every suitor who comes to call! The law
says you-" Angelica got up from the fountain and said with him in annoyance as she walked over to a cage full of doves,
"Must be married to a prince or king."

"By your next birthday!" Peter finished for her with a frown.

Angelica sighed as she opened the cage, "The law is wrong."

"But, honey. You've only got three more days!" Peter told her as she took out a beautiful white dove. "Dad, I hate being
forced into this." Angelica said to her father as she held the doves in her hands.

She sighed as she lovingly held the dove close to her, "If I do marry, I want it to be for love." She gently pet the dove
on its head and Peter sighed as he took the dove from her, "Angelica, it's not only this law. I'm not going to be around
forever, and well I-" Angelica rolled her eyes and walked away from him and back to the fountain.

Peter continued as he put the bird back in the cage, "I just want to make sure you're taken care of. Provided for."
Angelica sat by the fountains edge and said as she put her fingers in the water and let one of the fish rubbed against her
them, "Please, try to understand. I've never done a thing on my own. "I've never have any real friends." Bagheera shot up
and looked at Angelica with scowl and growled at her.

Angelica giggled, "Except you, Bagheera." Bagheera sighed in delight laid back on the ground with a smile. She continued,
"I've never even been outside the palace walls." Peter came up to him and replied, "But, Angelica, you're a princess!"
Angelica sighed and exclaimed as she angrily slapped her reflection in the fountain and caused ripples in the water,
"Then maybe I don't want to be a princess anymore!"

Peter groaned in anger and stormed his way back to the palace. He groaned as he walked past Bagheera, "Allah forbid you
should have any daughters!" Bagheera looked at the 'readers' with a confused look. Angelica sighed angrily and looked away
from her father.

The doves chirped even louder and Angelica came over to the cage and opened it. The doves all flew out of the cage and she
watched them fly into the sky. The birds were lucky; they got to see the outside world and all its wonders, but Angelica
was stuck in the palace, not being able to see what was out there.

Inside the palace, Peter was in his chambers, which had many toys and kites on the ceilings. He sighed as he walked over
to a playset replica of Agrabah, "I don't know where she gets it from. Her mom wasn't nearly do picky." He fiddled with
the moon part of the playset when a familiar figure came into the chamber and Peter gasped when he saw the man's shadow.

He looked over and his scared look turned to relief and he smiled, "Ah, Count Dracula. My most trusted advisor." Dracula
stood at the door with Fidget on his shoulder and he was holding a golden staff with a head shaped liked a cobra, like a
gentleman. Other than being known as the King of the Vampires, Dracula was also the grand vizier of Agrabah, the royal
family's advisor, and a long-time time friend and confidante of Peter.

Peter said to him, "I am in desperate need of your wisdom." Dracula grinned as he bowed to the Sultan Peter, "My life is
but to serve you, my lord." Peter replied, "It's this suitor business. Angelica refuses to choose a husband. I'm at my
wit's end. Fidget let out a little squeak and Peter chuckled. He pulled out a pickle from a pickle jar in his pocket and
smiled as he showed it to the bat, "Here. Have a pickle, cute little fella."

Fidget shook in disgust at the pickle and shook his head at it and Peter shoved it in his mouth. Peter and Dracula
chuckled as Fidget started getting all choked up having the pickle in his mouth. Dracula laughed , "Your Majesty certainly
has a way with dumb animals." Fidget glared at the vampire vizier in disgust, with his cheeks filled with pickle contents.

Dracula cleared his throat and replied as he circled around Peter. "Now then, perhaps I can divine a solution to this
thorny problem." Peter nodded, "If anyone can help, it's you."

Dracula continued, "But it, uh, would require the use of the mystic blue diamond." He pointed to a diamond on Peter's ring
and ran his finger on the gem. Peter pulled his hand back and stammered, "Oh, my ring? But, it's been the family for

Dracula said as he looked at his cobra staff, which had rubys for eyes, "It it necessary to find the princess a suitor."
An wicked grin started to form on his face and he said as he holds the staff in front of Peter's face, "Don't worry.
Everything will be fine." The eyes of the snake staff began to glow red and started making Peter's eyes glow the same

He said in his hynotic state, "Everything will be... fine." Dracula grinned maliciously, "The diamond." Peter took off his
ring and handed to the vampire, "Here, Count Dracula. Whatever you need will... be... fine..." Dracula snatched the ring
out of his hands and smiled, "You're most gracious, my liege." He motioned Peter to the playset and said, "Now, run along
and play with your little toys, hmmmm?"

Peter said, still hynotized, "Yeah. That would be... pretty good." Dracula and Fidget walked out of the chambers and
Fidget spit the pickle contents out of his mouth in disgust. After scraping his toungue, he yelled out as Dracula came up
to an elegant lamp, "I can't take it anymore! If I gotta choke down on one more of those soggy, disgusting pickles..."
Dracula pulled down on the lamp, which was really a switch and it opened a secret door in the wall.

As they walked through the secret door, Fidget yelled out, still complaining as he punched the air, "Bam! Whack!" Dracula
assured him, "Calm yourself, Fidget." As they walked up the staircase, Fidget continued, "Then I'd grab around the head.
Whack, whack!" Dracula replied as he put the ring in his coat, "Soon, I will be sultan, not that fat addlepated twit!"

"And then, I get to shove the pickles down his throat!" Fidget laughed wickedly as they entered a room and and Dracula
slammed the door shut.

Early the next morning, a cloaked figure was running through the palace gardens. Angelica ran through the trees and shrubs
wearing a dark brown cloak and light brown hood. She thought it was time to get out of the palace and see the rest of the
city herself and not spend her whole life being forced to have someone do everything for her. She looked around the garden
and saw a large tree that was right next to the one of the walls. She ran over to the tree and started to climb it, but
she gasped when she felt someone tug on her cloak.

She looked down and saw Bagheera tugging on her cloak with his mouth and he looked at Angelica with sad eyes, begging his
mistress not to leave. Angelica sadly sighed as she got down from the tree and came up to him. "Oh, I'm sorry, Bagheera.
But I can't stay here and have my life be lived for me." She hugged her leopard and only friend, and sighed, "I'll miss

She turned back to the tree and started climbing it again, and Bagheera gave her a boost with his head. He looked up at
his mistress with a sad look as she climbed to the top of the wall. Angelica looked down at him and silently called out,
"Good bye." She sadly climbed down the walls, leaving Bagheera to lie down the on the ground and he whimpered, already
missing Angelica.
Ahkladdin (Aladdin) ch 3
In which we introduced Peter Griffin the Sultan, and our leading lady, Princess Angelica. Angelica is tired of her
princess life and the law dictating that she has to marry royalty, even though she wants to marry only someone she loves.
So, she decides to run away in disguise. What happens next will change her life for ever.

All characters belong to their respectful owners, not me. I own only Angelica.
The next morning, Basil sat on the steps of the water gardens where Queen NiPul first found him and thought of how he
learned of his true Hebrew heritage and that Jenner had the Hebrew newborns and almost himself killed. Queen NiPul came
into the gardens and saw her adoptive son sitting there.

"Basil?" she asked him softly. Basil looked over his shoulder to see her coming up to him and asked her, "Is this where
you found me?" Queen NiPul knew he found out about the truth about his past and said to him, "Basil, please try to

Basil said sadly, "So... so everything I thought, everything I am... is a lie." "No. You are our son, and we love you."
Queen NiPul said softly as she knelt down to him. Basil looked at her and asked, "Why did you choose me?" The battle
monster Queen looked at him and replied, "We didn't, Basil. The gods did." She sat next to him and sang to him as they
looked at the water;

This is your home, my son
Here, the river brought you
And it's here the river meant
To be your home

She put her hands on her adopted son's face and smile as she had him look at her.

Now you know the truth, love
Now forget to be content
When the gods sent you a blessing
You don't ask why it was sent

Basil got teary and collapsed into Queen NiPul's arms and began to cry, and the battle monster Queen wrapped her arms
around him to comfort him.

The next day, Ratigan and Basil were at one of the temples they destroyed the other day during their race. Ratigan laid
some scrolls on a table while a servant fanned him under the canopy. He said to Mortimer and Fidget, "Last night, the gods
granted me a vision. I'm not merely going to restore this temple, I will make it more grand! More splendid than any other
in Egypt."

While Ratigan talked ideas of his new temple, Basil looked at all the Hebrew slaves pulling ropes and carrying sacks of
sand on their backs while the slave drivers whipped them to keep working. He looked over and saw Jaq and Gus pulling
ropes and Lucifer was watching them. He continued walking and seeing the pain the Hebrews were in.

He passed by some slaves who were carrying sacks of sand and gasped at seeing other slaves pulling ropes. He saw a mouse
fall on his knees with a sack of sand on his back, and Shere Khan came over to him, and whipped him, creating a tear in
the sack and protecting him from the lash. Basil sighed in relief, then he turned around to keep walking, but he stopped
before he could bump into an elderly mouse, who glared at him as he walked past him.

Basil looked away from him sadly and Ratigan came over to him and smiled as he put his hands on his shoulders, "Basil,
look! Fate has turned our little misadventure into a great opprtunity." Basil walked Ratigan while looking over at the
scaffolding at the statue, Where Soto the Smilodon yelled at an old mouse named David Q. Dawson, "Get up, old man!"

Ratigan said to Basil, "Father will be so pleased." Soto ordered Dawson, who was trying to drag a sack of sand, "Put your
back into it!" Tanya and Mickey looked over and watched in pity. "Faster!" Soto ordered, and Mickey got back to chiseling
in the statue while Tanya held a vase of water in her arms and kept watching the slave driver mistreat the old mouse.

Basil sighed as he followed Ratigan back to the canopy. Ratigan said, "This is just the beginning. A gateway will open to
an entire new city of white limestone more dazzling than the sun." They came over to the table of scrolls, where Fidget
and Mortimer were reading one of them, and Ratigan continued, "And here, a statue of Hapi."

Basil didn't pay attention to him and turned around when he heard Dawson yell in pain. Soto held him by the ears and
snarled with his saber-like fangs, "I said hurry!" He threw the mouse down and brought his whip out. Basil turned back to
the table, but he turned back to the scaffolding again when he heard a lash land and Tanya yelled, "Stop it! Somebody's
got to stop this!"

She tried to run over to the scene, but Mickey grabbed her arms and said to her, "There's nothing we can do." Soto started
whipping Dawson hard and Basil watched in shock. He couldn't stand watching the horrible scene and he jumped off the
statue the table was resting on and ran past the slaves. He watched in shock when he saw all the pain Dawson was in from
Soto brutally whipping him.

He couldn't stand to watch the horror any longer and yelled as he ran over to the towers, "Stop! Stop it! Leave that man
alone!" Hearing his voice, Ratigan and the priests looked over and Ratigan called to him, "Basil!" Soto was about to lay
another lash on Dawson, but Basil shoved him and sent himself and the slave driver to the edge of the scaffolding. Basil
stood on the edge and kept his balance, but Soto fell to the ground and landed with a crash.

The Hebrews at the bottom all gathered around him, and Tai Lung growled as he shoved them aside, "Out of my way, out of
my way! Move!" He looked down at Soto, and the Smilodon laid limp on the ground under some broken rubble; Soto was dead!

Tai Lung growled, "Who did this?!" The slaves wondered who killed the slave driver, and Hiram exclaimed as he pointed up,
"Up there! It's him!" Everyone looked up at Basil, and the mouse prince panted heavily, realizing what he just did. He
looked behind him and saw the slaves gathering around. They all backed up in alarm, but Tanya and Mickey stayed in their
spots and looked at him with stunned faces.

Basil looked at them for a second, then he took off and ran past them. Tanya tried to stop him and called out, "Basil!"
She grabbed his shoulders and he looked at her with disbelief and started running again. He ran down the sand hill and
Ratigan came up to him and stopped him.

"Basil, what's going on?" Ratigan asked as he shook him. Basil shoved him away and started running again. He ran down the
streets over the Hebrew village and made his way to the city's gates.


He heard a voice call from behind him and he looked over to see Ratigan riding his chariot to him. He had Snowball and
Khan stop the chariot in front of the mouse and stopped him. "Let me go!" Basil exclaimed and tried to get past him, but
Ratigan got out of his chariot and called to him, "No! Wait!"

Basil stopped and turned to Ratigan and said to him, "You saw what happened! I just killed someone!" He walked through the
gate and Ratigan caught up to him. "We can take care of that!" Ratigan assured him as he caught up to him and put his arm
on his shoulder. "I will make it so it never happened."

Basil glared, "Nothing you can say can change what I've done!" Ratigan tried to talk him out of it. He ran in front of
Basil and said to him, "I am Egypt! The morning and evening star! If I say day is night it will be written, and it will
be what I say you are!" He put his hands on Basil and tried to stop him, and said, "I say you are innocent!"

Basil moved his hands away from him and exclaimed, "What you say does not matter! You don't understand. I can't stay here
any longer!" He shoved Ratigan away and started walking again. Ratigan grabbed his shoulder and exclaimed, "Basil!" Basil
turned to him and yelled as he grabbed Ratigan's arms, "No! All I've ever known to be true is a lie!" He sighed heavily
and said ashamed, "I'm not who you think I am."

Ratigan could not believe what he said and asked, "What are you talking about?" Basil looked at him and said, "Go ask the
man I once called 'Father'." He made his way to the exit and Ratigan called to him, "Basil?" He looked at Ratigan and the
rat prince begged, "Please."

Basil gave his adopted brother a sad look and sighed sadly, "Good bye, brother." He gave Ratigan one last glance and took
off. Ratigan having tears in his eyes and cried out to him, " Basil! BASIL!!" But Basil didn't listen and he ran into the
desert. We walked for days through the desert, through sandstorms, through the cliffs, and over the hills.

One day, he tiredly walked through jagged rocks and his foot got caught on one of them and he tripped. He took off his
torn sandal and threw it away from him. Then he removed his gold bands and pendant and took off the ring Ratigan gave him.
He was about to throw the ring away, but he looked at it for a minute and put it back on his finger, as a reminder of the
bond he had with Ratigan and his last fateful day in Egypt. He took off his wig, and threw it aside. Sand started to blow
towards him and buried the wig.

A sandstorm began to brew and Basil didn't move from his spot and had himself covered in sand and buried under it, waiting
for his fate.
Happy Valentine's day and since today is Valentine's day, I'm now brainstorming a Night at the Museum fan fiction series using my
OC pairing with Ahkmenrah. I thought of doing a bunch of oneshots and possibly a part by part one that sets in the Secret of the Tomb movie.

If anyone would like to help or if you like to write for me, you're more than welcome. Just feel free to comment on this entry and I'll
respond and we'll discuss via Notes.



Robin Grossman
United States

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