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Mew ? by SklavenbrauseMew ? by Sklavenbrause



Ahkladdin and Dexter reached the bottom of the stairs and they stood at the entrance of a room. Ahkladdin exclaimed,
"Would you look at that!" The room was full of gold objects. There were gold statues and mounds of gold coins, pots, and
other treasures. "Just a handful of this would make me richer than the Sultan!"

Dexter was so excited to see the treasure that he jumped off of Ahkladdin's shoulder and darted to a treasure chest that
was full of jewels near a bunch of cushions, along with a life-sized plush winged-horse. "DEXTER!!" Ahkladdin called out
to him and the Capuchin stopped before he could grab a piece of treasure. Dexter gave a nervous smile and Ahkladdin came
over to him and scolded him, "Don't touch anything! We gotta find that lamp."

Dexter pouted and followed his master through the cave. Suddenly, the giant plush winged-horse started to move. But it
wasn't a plush, though; it was a white winged stallion with a blue mane and tail, and sky blue eyes. He looked at
Ahkladdin and Dexter with curiosity and quietly flew over to them. The stallion came up from behind Dexter and, sensing
something was behind him, he looked behind him, but the horse evaded him by standing like a statue.

Dexter started walking again and the horse started following him. He nearly nibbled gently on one of ears and Dexter
looked behind him again, but the horse stood by a mound of treasure and stayed still. Dexter started to freak out and
he slowly ran over to Ahkladdin, grabbed his pant leg, and babbled to him to look what he found. "Dexter, will you knock
it off!?" Ahkladdin groaned and he kept walking again. Dexter groaned and  followed his master. The winged horse came out
of his hiding spot and snuck up behind Dexter.

He flew up to him and nudged Dexter's back with his nose, and the monkey let out a screech as he struck a karate pose.
Dexter crossed his arms in suspicion and the horse reached his wing to tickle him. Dexter notice the horse and shreiked
in surprise. He ran over to Ahkladdin and tackled him to the ground while the horse flew off to hide.

Ahkladdin yelled, "Dexter! What, are you crazy?!" Dexter grabbed his head and motioned him to look at where the horse was
hiding. The horse came out from hiding behind a mound of treasure, and Ahkladdin gasped and exclaimed in surprise,
"A winged stallion!" He got up on his feet and called to the horse as he held his hand out, "Here, boy. Come on out. I'm
not going to hurt you."

The horse came out of his hiding spot shyly and began to approach the street rat. He flew over to Ahkladdin and he slowly
brought his head towards him and sniffs him. Ahkladdin started petting him, making the horse nicker in content.

The horse then sniffs Dexter, but the Capuchin babbled angrily at the horse and crawled up his master's back. Ahkladdin
laughed, "Hey, take it easy, Dexter. He's not going to bite." Dexter babbled more at the horse, angry that he was messing
with him. The horse back away in shock, then he slumped and walked away from them, his feelings hurt from what Dexter
said to him.

Ahkladdin called out to her, "Hey, wait a minute! Don't go!" The horse and turned to him. Ahkladdin smiled, "Maybe you can
help us." The horse reared up and whinnied happily. He flew up to Ahkladdin and happily licked his cheek, making the boy
laugh. The horse came in front of them and Ahkladdin said to him,  "You see, we're trying to this lamp." The horse shot
up and motioned him and Dexter to follow him. He flew off in the direction where the lamp would be.

"I think he knows where it is!" Ahkladdin smiled as he and Dexter ran after him. They entered another large cave and the
winged horse, whom Ahkladdin and Dexter found out his name was Pegasus, led them through the cave. Finally he led them to
a dark cave full of water where a large pillar was set in the middle of the cave as a beam of light came down on it. The
only way across was over a bridge made up of small stones.

Ahkladdin started heading to the bridge, and Dexter came up to him. Ahkladdin gave him a stern look and said as he pointed
his finger down to the ground, "Wait here!" Pegasus came over them as Ahkladdin headed off and he gave a nervous look in
his eyes. Dexter pouted and sat at his spot, then he looked around and his pouty face turned to surprise when he saw a
golden monkey statue with a giant red ruby in its hands. Dexter's eyes glimmered and he licked his lips ae the sight of
the gem.

Over at the bridge, Ahkladdin quickly but carefully hopped across the stones, careful not to fall off. When he got to the
other side, he began climbing up the steps to the top of the pillar. Back with the creatures, Pegasus was watching
Ahkladdin until he saw Dexter was gone. He frantically looked around until he saw Dexter going up to the gem and his jaw
dropped in shock. Dexter began to run to it to grab it, but Pegasus grabbed him by his vest with his teeth to stop him.

Back at the pillar, Ahkladdin had already reached the top and made his way over to the center. On it was an elegant brass
oil lamp. Ahkladdin came over to it and picked up the lamp. He looked at the lamp and said to himself, "This is it? This
is what we came all the way down here to-" He was cut off to when he saw Dexter reaching for the treasure.

The Capuchin broke free from Pegasus' bite, making him fall backwards and Ahkladdin called out to him in shock, "Dexter,
NO!!" Dexter ran up to the statue and grabbed the ruby. Suddenly, the Cave's voice roared out, "INFEDELS!!!!!!"

"Uh-oh." Dexter whimpered as Pegasus got up and had a shocked look on his face and Ahkladdin listened to the voice,
terrified. The Cave's voice growled, " YOU HAVE TOUCHED THE FORBIDDEN TREASURE!!!!!!" Dexter put the ruby back with a
nervously smile, but the ruby and the statue melted into lava. The Cave roared as Dexter ran away from the melted statue,

Ahkladdin put the lamp in his vest as the light on the pillar turned into fire and he dashed down the steps. The cave
began to crumble and shake violently and Dexter ran in fear. Ahkladdin was halfway down the steps, then they disappeared
and the slope became a steep. He tripped down the steps and started sliding down. He slid off the end of the steps and
the water had turned into lava. He yelled as he began to fall into the lava, but Pegasus flew down towards him and he
landed safley on the horse's back.

Ahkladdin held tightly onto his mane as the cave started to crumble more. They flew down to look for Dexter and Ahkladdin
saw him trying to cross the bridge, but the stones began exploding on both sides. Ahkladdin had Pegasus fly down close to
the lava while Dexter called out to him to help him, but he screamed when the stones close to him exploded. Ahkladdin
grabbed him before the stone he was on exploded.

He pulled him onto Pegasus' back and Dexter smiled in relief. The street rat and monkey looked behind them and saw the
lava forming into a tsunami wave. Ahkladdin exclaimed as the wave got close to them, "WHOA! Pegasus, let's move!"

Pegasus flew as fast as his wings could take him to the cave entrance and they started flying through it while the lava
flowed faster towards them. Halfway out of the cave, Ahkladdin saw a stone falling towards them, and Pegasus dodged it
before it would hit them. Dexter became so freaked out that he held onto Ahkladdin's face. Ahkladdin groaned as he tried
pulling him off of him, "Dexter! Dexter, this is no time to panic!" He pulled Dexter off of his face and gasped when he
saw they were heading straight for the wall.

"Start panicking." he gasped. The two began to yell as Pegasus flew down to where the cave of treasures was and they flew
through the entrance just as the lava flowed out of the entrance. Flames started bursted out of the floor and the dodged
some flames that formed into a pair of hands that nearly caught them.

Outside the cave, the head began to roar in agony as Dracula made his way to the entrance while a storm began to brew.
Ahkladdin, Dexter, and Pegasus flew into the vestibule of the cave just as the stairs began to crumble and flames began to
brew. They were nearly at the exit, but a boulder landed on Pegasus and sent Ahkladdin and Dexter flying towards the top.
Ahkladdin grabbed what was left of the stairs while Dexter climbed up and Pegasus landed at the bottom of the cave, his
tail trapped under the boulder.

Dracula came over to Ahkladdin, who was struggling to hold on. "Help me up!" he called out to the disguised vampire count.
"Throw me the lamp!" Dracula called out to him with his hand out. Ahkladdin called back to him as he held out his hand,
"I can't hold on! Give me your hand!"

"First give me the lamp!" Dracula called to him. Ahkladdin reached into his vest and took out the lamp. He handed the lamp
to Dracula, and he exclaimed, "Yes! At last!" He laughed to himself as he put the lamp in his cloak. He saw Dexter trying
to pull Ahkladdin up with the cane, but Dracula kicked the Capuchin away and grabbed Ahkladdin by the wrist.

"What are you doing?!" the boy asked him with shock. Dracula replied, "Giving you your reward..." He said in his normal
voice as he brought out a crooked dagger, "Your eternal reward." Ahkladdin looked up in shock, horrified at what he was
going to do to him; kill him! Then, Dexter jumped up to Dracula and bit him on the arm. Dracula yelled in pain and
released Ahkladdin, and the street rat lost his grip and started to fall.

Dracula sneered at Dexter and threw him down the cave. Ahkladdin and Dexter screamed as they began to fall to their
deaths. At the bottom of the cave, Pegasus got free from the boulder holding him down and flew as fast as he could to
them. Ahkladdin the wall several times, knocking him out cold before Pegasus caught him and Dexter on his back and they
fell to the bottom of the cave.

Outside, the Cave's mouth gave out one last roar before disintegrating into the sand, turning into a sand dune once again,
forever. Dracula got up from the ground and laughed as he removed his mask, also revealing his messy black hair, "It's
mine! It's all mine!" He reached into his pocket, but his glee turned to panic when he found there was nothing in there.
He gasped as he frantically searched himself, "Where is it?! No..."

He got down on his knees and yelled out, "NOOOOOOO!!!!"

Back in Agrabah at the palace, Angelica was in her chambers and she was sitting on her bed with Bagheera by her side,
still crying. Peter came in and said, "Angelica?" He noticed how sad Angelica was and asked her softly, "Oh, sweetie.
What's wrong?"

Angelica looked at her father and sniffled, "Count Dracula has... done something... terrible." She began to cry harder and
Peter wrapped his arms around her and soothed her. He assured her, "There, there, baby girl. We'll set it right." They
held themselves close to each other and Peter said, "Now, tell me everything."
Later that evening at the palace, Dracula was sneaking out of his secret lair. He looked around to make sure nobody was
looking as he came out of the secret door he entered earlier and when he saw no one, he started closing it so he
wouldn't be heard. Just as he started to close the door, Angelica came into the chambers and called to him, "Count

Dracula whipped around and saw her coming in. He said with a nervous grin, "Princess?" Fidget came up humming to himself
when Dracula slammed the door onto him. The bat yelped in pain an he grunted, "Boss, I'm stuck!"

Dracula smiled as he bowed to Angelica, "How may I be of service to you?" Angelica didn't smile back and yelled at him in
anger, "The guards just took a boy from the market under your orders!" The Count said to her calmly, "Your father's
charged me with keeping peace in Agrabah. The boy was a criminal."

Angelica put her hands on her hips and asked sternly, "What was his crime?" Fidget on Dracula's pant leg and gagged,
"I can't breathe, Boss!" Dracula glared at him and said to Angelica, "Why, kidnapping the princess, of course."

Fidget hissed to the Count, "Boss, if you could just-" Dracula cut him off when he kicked him back in the secret room,
but the bat's foot got caught in the door. The bat yelled in agony, "Oww! My foot! My only foot!"

Angelica exclaimed in disbelief, "He didn't kidnap me! I ran away!" Dracula pretended to be shocked and said with a fake
shocked tone, "Oh, dear! Oh, how frightfully upsetting! And I've not known!" Angelica came up to him and asked with
suspicion, "What do you mean?" Dracula turned to face her and said, "Sadly, the boy's sentence has already been carried

What sentence?" Angelica wondered. Dracula answered in a sinister tone, "Death." Angelica gasped in shock. She left the
palace and had the street rat she met arrested and killed after they thought she was kidnapped. Dracula added, "By

Angelica gasped, "No!"

She collapsed to the cushion in shock and breated heavily and faster, shocked by what Dracula had told he. He put his
hands on her shoulders and said in a fake sympathetic tone, "I'm exceedingly sorry, princess." Angelica looked at him and
said with an angry and regretful expression on her face, "How could you?!" She left the room and ran out crying.

Fidget was struggling with the door and pushed away from him. Finally he got free and flew over to Dracula as he coughed
and tried to catch his breath. After taking a deep breath, he asked Dracula, "So, how did it go?" Dracula smiled
sinisterly and replied, "I think she took it... rather well." They looked over at the direction Angelica took with
sinister smiles.

In the palace gardens, Angelica was crying at the fountain. Bagheera came outside and walked over to her. He rubbed his
head against her and Angelica sobbed as she wiped her tears, "It's all my fault, Bagheera. I didn't even know his name."

She cried harder and wrapped her arms around Bagheera, who put his front paw arouned her and growled in content as he
comforted her.

In the dungeons, the rats were scurrying and greedily eating any scraps they could find. At the bottom, Ahkladdin was
chained to the wall and no matter how hard he tried, he couldn't get out of the shackles around his wrists. He stopped
struggling and thought about the girl he talked to and saved in the market earlier and later found out she really was the

He cursed to himself, "She was the princess! I can't believe it. I must've sound to stupid to her!" His thoughts were
cut off when he heard a familiar voice call out to him. He looked up and saw Dexter standing at the windows and the
brown Capuchin waved to him, "Hello!"

Ahkladdin called to him with relieved smile, "Dexter! Down here!" Dexter nodded and started climbing down the walls and
chains. He got down to where Ahkladdin was and the street rat said to him, "Hey, come and help me outta this." Dexter cut
him off and babbled. He went to the middle of the room and pull his vest over his head, making him look like Angelica when
the met her in the market. He babbled mockingly in her voice and screeched at Ahkladdin in his normal voice, still mad at
him about what he said to Angelica about him earlier.

Ahkladdin shrugged, "Hey she was in trouble. She was worth it." Dexter muttered as he got out a lock pick and started
picking at the locks on the shackles holding Ahkladdin. Ahkladdin assured him, "Don't worry, Dexter. I'll never see her
again. I'm a street rat, remember? And there's law; she has to marry a prince or king."

Dexter finally got Ahkladdin's hands free and exclaimed, "Ta-da!" Ahkladdin sighed as he rubbed his wrists, "She deserves
either one. I'm a fool." He looked up at the ceiling and Dexter crossed his arms. They were startled when they heard a
voice call out to them, "You're only a fool if you give up, boy." Dexter hid behind Ahkladdin and the street rat looked
over to see a scraggly old man stting in a dark corner.

"Who are you?" Ahkladdin asked him. The old man came out of his hiding spot and grinned, "A lowly prisoner like yourself.
But together, perhaps we can be more." Ahkladdin looked at the old man with a raised brow and said, "I'm listening."

The old man came over to them and said as he put his hand in his pocket, "There's a cave boy. A Cave of Wonders; filled
with treasures beyond your wildest dreams." He brought his hand out from his pocket and showed him and Dexter a handful
of red gems.

Ahkladdin grinned in interest at the gems and Dexter admired them and reached out for them. The old man brought his hand
away and continued as he limped away from them on his good leg, "Treasure enough to impress even your princess, I'd
wager." A familiar bat came out of the old man's hood, sweating and panting. Fidget looked at the man and whispered,
"Boss, can you hurry up?" I'm dying in here." The old man, who was really Dracula in disguise, elbowed Fidget and the bat
yelped in pain as he went back in the hood to stay looking like a hump on his back.

Ahkladdin said to him. "But the law says that only a prince or king can-" Dracula came up to him and cut him off, "You've
heard of the golden rule, haven't you? Whoever has the gold makes the rules." He let out a wheezy chuckle and grinned,
showing a bunch of crooked teeth and a golden tooth from the disguise. Ahkladdin got up from his spot and asked him, "So,
why would you want to share all this wonderful treasure with me?"

Dracula replied as he waved his cane between his legs and patted his back, "I need a young pair of legs and a strong back
to go in after it." Ahkladdin smiled nervously as he moved Dracula's hand after him. "Uhh, one problem. It's out there,
and we're in here." he said to him as Dracula grinned and went over to the walls. He said to the street rat, "Things
aren't always what they seem." He put the tip of his cane on a part of a wall and moved it, revealing it to be another
secret door the led to another staircase and showed it to Ahkladdin.

"So, do we have a deal?" Dracula asked him as he held his hand out to him. Ahkladdin and Dexter looked at each other, and
Dexter just shrugged. The scene shifted to the desert where the wind was blowing hard and Dracula, Ahkladdin, and Dexter
were walking through the sand storm while Ahkladdin, with Dexter on his shoulder, was guidinng Dracula, who was riding on
his black horse, through it.

The scene shifted to the Cave of Wonders back up from the sand again and Ahkladdin stood in front of it while Dexter hid
under his vest and Dracula watching them. The Cave growled, "Who disturbs my slumber?"

Ahkladdin stepped forward fearlessly and replied, "It is I; Ahkladdin." The Cave stared at the boy, then he growled,
"Proceed. Touch nothing but the lamp." The Cave's mouth opened for them to enter, revealing the long staircase. Dracula
called out to Ahkladdin, "Now, remember, boy; first fetch me the lamp, and then, you shall have your reward."

Ahkladdin turned back to the Cave's entrance and whispered to Dexter, "Come on, Dexter." The Capuchin cowered in fear as
he hid under Ahkladdin's vest and they entered the Cave's 'mouth' and started to descend down the staircase to start their
Ahkladdin (Aladdin) ch 5

In which Angelica confronts Dracula about Ahkladdin's arrest, and Dracula lies to her that he was executed, then later
our heroes aid Dracula disguised as an old man to go to the Cave of Wonders and find the lamp.

All characters belong to their respectful owners, not me. I only own Angelica.

Later that morning in the marketplace, Ahkladdin and Dexter were on the canopy roof of a melon stand. Ahkladdin whispered
to the monkey as he gestured him to the edge of the canopy, "Okay, Dexter. Go!" Dexter saluted and crawled down the wooden
poles of the stand. Dexter reached for the melons as Homer Simpson, the melon seller, called out to the people passing by
as he held a melon, "Try this! Your taste buds will dance and sing!"

Dexter jumped down and grabbed a melon and chittered loud enough for Homer to hear him. He turned around and saw Dexter
with the melon and angrily shouted, "Hey! Get your paws off that!" Dexter held the melon and blew a raspberry at Homer.
Homer got angry and growled, "Why you little!"

He went over to Dexter and yelled at the monkey as he tried to pull the melon out of his hands, "Get away from there, you
stupid dirty monkey!" Ahkladdin reached down and grabbed a melon just as Homer took the melon from Dexter. He went back
up again before Homer could spot him and the fat yellow man came back to the front to place the melon with the others,
but he noticed one of them was missing. He groaned as he turned around to Dexter, "D'oh!" Dexter waved at him and smirked,
"Bye bye."

He crawled up the pole and met up with Ahkladdin, who had the melon in his hands. He smiled at his furry little friend,
"Nice going, Dexter." Dexter smiled as Ahkladdin broke the melon in half and said as he handed one half to him, "Breakfast
is served." Dexter took the melon half and the monkey and street rat started digging into their meal.

In one part of the market, Angelica was walking through the streets with interest. She had never seen how incredible the
market was until now. She smiled as she looked at a stand where a yellow alien of some sort was selling pots, bowls,
and other sorts of pottery. Wooldoor Sockbat smiled as he showed her an elegant looking pot, "Pretty lady, buy a pot.
No finer pot in brass or silver."

Angelica passed him and walked to another stand where a dorky Jewish man with red hair and glasses showed her a bunch of
nuts and seeds. Mort Goldman said as he showed her some of the things on sale, "Sugar dates! Sugar dates and beans! Sugar
dates and pistachios! Everything here's Kosher, too!"

She passed by him and went to another stand where an Indian man with black hair and moustache wearing a green shirt,
black vest and a light tan pants was selling a bunch of jewelry. Apu smiled as he showed Angelica a beautiful necklace
with purple and red jewels encrusted into it, "Would a lady like a necklace? A pretty neclace for a pretty lady."

Angelica smiled at the sellers, but she backed away in shock when Junichi Takayama, a Japanese sushi chef shoved a fish in
her face and exclaimed, "Fresh fish! Fresh sushi! We catch 'em, we make 'em, you buy 'em."

"Uhh, I don't think so." Angelica said nervously as she backed away from him, but she bumped into Barney Gumble, who was
about to perform a firebreathing trick and she made him swallow his match. Angelica said to him as he choked on the flame,
"Oh, excuse me." Barney leaned on her and let out a large belch of fire, making Angelica back away in surprise and her
hood flew back. Barney sighed in content as he pounded his chest for air.

Ahkladdin, who was still enjoying his melon with Dexter, looked over to see the commotion and saw Angelica apologizing to
Barney. "I'm very, very sorry." she said nervously as she walked away from him. Ahkladdin looked at Angelica and said in
amazement, "Wow!" He was struck by Angelica's beauty; her raven har, her beautiful hazel blue eyes, her olive skin
complexion and her beautiful smile. He watched her as she put her hood over her head again and she continued walking
through the market.

Dexter saw the look on Ahladdin's face, and he went over to him and said as he shook his in Ahkladdin's face, "Hello?
Hello?" But Ahkladdin was to struck by Angelica's beauty. He watched her walk over to an apple stand, where a little
Pichu was trying to get one of the apples, but he was too small to reach the stand.

Angelica looked at Pichu and said to him softly, "Oh, you must be hungry." Pichu looked at her sadly with puppy eyes and
nodded, and Angelica looked at the stand and grabbed a fresh red apple from on of the piles. "Here you go." she smiled as
she gave the apple to the little mouse Pokemon. Pichu smiled at her, and ran off in alarm when he saw Pete, the owner of
the stand, looking over. He saw Angelica walking away and glared at her, "You'd better be able to pay for that!"

Angelica stopped and asked with shock, "Pay?" Pete grabbed her arm and growled, "No one steals from my cart!" Angelica
said nervously, "Oh, I'm sorry, sir. I don't have any money."

"THIEF!" Pete shouted as he pulled Angelica towards the stand. Angelica stammered, "No, please! I-if you let me go to the
palace, I can get some from the Sultan." Ahkladdin and Dexter watched the whole scene and Dexter had a shocked looked on
his face while Ahkladdin had both a shocked and angry expression.

Angelica tried to get away, but Pete grabbed her and snarled as he slammed her hand on the stand and brought out a sword
from his belt, "Do you know what the penalty is for stealing?!" Angelica begged fearfully, scared of what was going to
happen next, "No! No, please!" Pete was about to throw his sword down and cut her hand clean off, but a human hand grabbed
his wrist and stopped him as a voice shouted out, "Whoa!"

Ahkladdin brought the sword out of his hand and hid it back and gave it to Angelica as he shook Pete's hand and said in a
relieved tone, "Thank you, kind sir. I'm so glad you found her!" He turned to Angelica and said to her sternly, "I've
been looking all over for you." Confused, Angelica whispered to him, "What are you doing?"

Ahkladdin whispered back, "Just play along." They began to walk away when Pete put his hand on Ahkladdin's shoulder and
asked him, "You, uh, know this girl?" Ahkladdin nodded and sighed, "Sadly, yes. She's my sister. She's a little crazy."
Pete grabbed him by the vest and growled, "She said she knew the Sultan!" Ahkladdin moved his hands away and said, "She
thinks the monkey is the Sultan." He pointed to Dexter, who was about to pickpocket a stranger's purse and when he saw
them looking at him, he backed away nervously and looked at them with innocent look.

Angelica was hesitant at first, but then she decided to play along with Ahkladdin. She bowed to Dexter and said as she
pretended to be crazy as he described her, "Oh, wise Sultan. How may I serve you?" Dexter babbled to sound like a sultan
as he patted her head. Ahkladdin said to Pete as he grabbed an apple from the stand with his foot, "Tragic, isn't it?"
He handed the apple to him, making it look like it was the apple Angelica took. He said to him, "But, no harm done."

Ahkladdin brought Angelica up on her feet and said, "Now, come along, sis. Time to go see the doctor." Angelica played
along and came up to a camel and smiled blankly, "Oh, hello, doctor. How are you?" Ahkladdin said with a fake laugh,
"No, not that one." He looked over at Dexter, whose vest looked like it was stuffed with something, and said, "Come on,
Sultan." Dexter babbled and bowed, but his vest spilled out the contents, revealing a bunch of apples, coins and rings.

Dexter screeched and Ahkladdin and Angelica looked back at him with surprise and Pete said, "What the-" Dexter grabbed
the items and shoved them back into his vest and ran off with Angelica and Ahkladdin. Pete yelled at them as they ran off,
"Come back here, you little theives!" But the trio had already ran off.

Back at the palace, Dracula and Fidget were in Dracula's secret lab. Fidget was running on a wooden gear to get an odd
machine going as a storm brewed avove him and the vampire was standing by it. Fidget panted as he ran on the gear,
"With all due respect, your rotteness, couldn't we just wait for a real storm?"

"Save your breath, Fidget! Faster!" Dracula ordered him as he put Peter's ring above an hourglass that was part of the
contraption. "Yes, O Mighty Evil One!" Fidget exclaimed as he started panting harder and ran faster. Lightning bolts
came out of the makeshift storm and hit the diamond on the ring. Dracula looked into the top of the hourglass as the sand
began to form shapes.

He smiled wickedly as the sands formed into the Cave of Wonders, "Sands of time, reveal to me the one who can enter the
cave." The sand fell into the bottom part of the hourglass and created a sandstorm. The storm revealed a vision of
Ahkladdin helping Angelica climb up the building to his home. Dracula said with a wicked grin, "Yes, yes! There he is!
My diamond in the rough!"

"That's him?! That's the clown we've been waiting for?" Fidget exclaimed in disbelief. He tripped on his peg leg, lost his
footing, and got sucked into the gears. He yelled in pain as they crushed him and lightning struck them.

Dracula sneered, "Let's have the guards extend him an invitation to the palace, shall we?" Fidget flew into the wall and
screamed before hitting it hard. He wheezed, "Swell..." He coughed out some smoke as he landed on the floor with a thud.
Dracula laughed wickedly as he looked into the sandstorm.

Meanwhile, Ahkladdin was helping Angelica up a roof of a building in the poor part of Agrabah. "We're almost there." he
smiled as he pulled the princess up to him. They began walking over the roof when Angelica tripped and Ahladdin caught
her before she fell.

He helped her on her feet as they look into each other's eyes. Angelica backed away from him and said as she straightened
her hood, "I want to thank you for stopping that man." Ahkladdin remembered saving her from Pete when he nearly chopped
her hand off.

"Uh, forget it." Ahkladdin said as he walked over to a bunch of long narrow poles. He continued as he and Dexter picked up
one of the poles, "So, uh, this is your first time in the marketplace, huh?" He ran over to the edge of the roof as
Dexter held onto the end of the pole and they jumped over the gap and to the other roof.

"Is it that obvious?" Angelica smirked with her hands on her hips. Ahkladdin chuckled as he brought a large board to the
edge, "Well you do kinda stand out." Angelica grinned at him, and Ahkladdin smiled at her. He shook it off and replied as
he set the board between the buildings, "I mean, uh, you don't seem to know how dangerous Agrabah can be."

He didn't see Angelica jump over the gap with her own pole. He turned around and saw her smiling and she giggled, "I'm a
fast learner." She tossed her pole to him, and Ahkladdin had a surprised look on his face and Dexter's jaw dropped in
shock as he held the apples he stole earlier. Ahkladdin gave a nervous chuckle and handed the pole to Dexter, who just
looked at him with a frown.

Ahkladdin came up to Angelica and said to her as he took her hand, "Come on. This way." He leads her inside his home and
they passed many dropped beams. "Whoa, watch your head there." Ahkladdin said to her as he pointed out to a beam that
was slanted at the side. Angelica ducked down as they kept walking. She looked around the room and asked, "Is this where
you live?"

Ahkladdin nodded, "Yep. It's just me and Dexter. Come and go as we please." Angelica smiled as Ahkladdin led her to
the window, "That sounds fabulous." "Well, it's not much." Ahkladdin laughed as he moved the curtains to show her the
view of Agrabah. He added as he and Angelica looked at the city, "But it's got a great view."

The looked at the palace and Ahkladdin sighed, "Wow, the palace looks pretty amazing, huh?" Angelica looked at her home
and sighed, "Oh, it's wonderful." Ahkladdin and Dexter looked at the palace and the street rat said, "I wonder what it
would be like to live there. They have servants and valets." Angelica said in disbelief, "Oh, sure. And people tell where
to go and how to dress."

Ahkladdin chuckled, "It's better than here."

Dexter was about to take a bite out of an apple, but Ahkladdin took the apple and continued, "You're always scraping for
food and ducking the guards.

Angelica said, "You're not free to make your own choices."

"Sometimes you feel so..." Ahkladdin replied.

Angelica sighed, "You're just..."

"Trapped." they said at once.

They heard what they said and looked at each other and smiled. Ahkladdin cleared his throat and said, "So, where are you
from?" He passed an apple to her after rolling it down his arm and she caught it. Angelica answered, "What does it

Her smile turned into a frown and said as she turned away from the street rat, "I ran away and I am not going back."
Ahkladdin took a bite out of his apple and asked as he handed to Dexter, "Really? How come?" He went over to Angelica as
Dexter stuck his toungue out at the bitten apple, but he started to have a smirk on his face and threw the apple aside.
Ahkladdin sat by Angelica and the princess sighed sadly, "My dad's forcing me to get married."

Ahkladdin said with a shocked look, feeling sorry for Angelica, "Well, that's... that's awful!" He looked over and saw
Dexter right next to her reaching for the apple in her hands. He frowned at the monkey, "Dexter!"

Dexter jumped to the other side and babble something as if cursing at him and pointed at Angelica. Angelica asked,
confused at what he said, "Uh,... what?"

Ahkladdin tried to think of something, "Uh, Dexter says, um..." He thought for a moment, then he said, "'That's not fair'.
Dexter raised his brow and said in disbelief, "Huh?"

"Oh, did he?" Angelica asked.

"Yeah, of course." Ahkladdin nodded.

"And does Dexter have anything else to say?" Angelica asked him in an innocent tone as she looked at him. Ahkladdin
shrugged , "Well, uh, he wishes there was something we can do to help." Dexter rolled his eyes and groaned as he put his
paw under his chin, "Oh, boy."

Angelica looked into Ahkladdin's eyes and said softly, "Tell him that's very... sweet." They both started getting closer
to each other's faces and their lips were about to touch when a voice called out, "Here you are!"

They turned to the entrance and saw the guards coming in. They both exclaimed in shock, "They're after me!" They looked at
each other and asked at once, "They're after you?!" One of the Huns sliced his way though the beams as the others followed
him. Angelica shuddered in fear, "Omigosh, my dad must have sent them."

Ahkladdin and Dexter got on the edge of the window and Ahkladdin looked down below, then he looked at Angelica and asked
her, "Do you trust me?" Angelica exclaimed, "What?"

"Do you trust me?" Ahkladdin said as he held his hand out to her. Angelica nodded and said in a shaky tone, "Yes." She
took his and Ahkladdin called out, "Then jump!" Angelica yelled as Ahkladdin and Dexter jumped off and they began to
fall to the streets below. They landed on a sheet, then onto a pile of sand.

They looked at each other, then they got bak on their feet and started running. They stopped to a halt when Ahkladdin ran
into Shan Yu and the guard sneered as he held him by the neck, "We just keep running into each other, don't we, street

Dexter jumped on his head and shoved his turban over his eyes again, making him release Ahkladdin. He elbowed Shan Yu in
the stomach and said to Angelica as he took her hand, "Run! Go! Get out of here!" They ran into an alley, but the guards
stood in front of them and they ran back the way they came. Shan Yu threw Dexter off his hand and sent him flying into a

Then he grabbed Ahkladdin by the vest and laughed cruelly, "It's the dungeon for you, boy!" He threw them to the guards
and he was held by two of the Huns. Ahklanddin grunted as he tried to get out of their grip, "Hey, let go of me!"

Angelica came up to Shan Yu and exclaimed as she started hitting his arm, "Let him go!" Shan Yu looked at her and laughed,
"Lookie here, men. A street mouse." He shoved Angelica aside and Angelica got angry. She got back on her feet and yelled
as she removed her hood, "Unhand him! By order of the princess!"

The guards stopped laughing and looked at Angelica with looks of fear and shock. Shan Yu gasped and said as he bowed to
her and the guards followed his example and made Ahkladdin bow, "Princess Angelica!"

Ahkladdin shot up in shock, "The princess?!"

Dexter peeked out of the pot and exclaimed, "The princess?!"

Shan Yu stammered, "What are you doing outside the palace, a-and with this street rat?!" Ahkladdin looked at the ground
in disbelief that the girl he saved, befriended, fell in love at first sight was really Agrabah's princess. Angelica
yelled at Shan Yu, "That's none of your concern! Do as I command! Release him!" Despite his large size, Shan Yu was
intimidated by the young princess.

He back away from her fearfully and stammered as the guards took Ahkladdin away, "I would, princess, except my orders come
from Count Dracula. You'll have to take it up with him."

Angelica glared as she crossed her arms, "Believe me, I will!"
Ahkladdin (Aladdin) ch 4

In which Ahkladdin and Angelica met in the marketplace, love at first sight. Meanwhile, Dracula have finally found his
"Diamond in the rough." Then Ahkladdin got arrested on Dracula's orders and Angelica must confront the Count ASAP.

All characters belong to their respectful owners, not me.

The Hebrews all stared at the Red Sea with shock and amazment. After a long silent moment, Tanya had a big smile grow on
her face as she embraced Mickey, and he smiled back and put his hand on her shoulder. The Hebrews all smiled and cheered
and embraced one another happily; they free from Egypt and safe from Pharaoh Ratigan.

Dawson knelt down and picked up some sand from the ground, embracing his new home. Mousetoria was on her knees in
relief over her freedom, and Yasha ran over to her and embraced her happily. Basil and Kitty embrace each other, and
Mickey ran over and laughed as he lifted Basil up and gave him a bear hug and Tanya and Kitty embraced each other. Basil
came over to Tanya and looked at each other with smiles. Tanya leaped into his arms and embraced, and Basil said to her,
"Thank you."

They let go of each other and Tanya went over to Mickey and Kitty. Basil's smile turned into a sad expression and he
started walking towards the shore, and Tanya watched him. He reached the edge of the shore and looked at the horizen
where Egypt would be, thinking about Ratigan.

On the other side, Ratigan got up on the rocks, feeling defeated. But he felt more than defeat. He knew he would never
see his adopted brother and best friend again, and cried out in anguish, "BASIL!!!" He began to cry on the rocks at never
being able to see Basil again after all they've been through.

Back on the other land, Basil held his head down in regret, knowing he will never see Ratigan, his beloved adoptive
brother and best and only childhood friend, ever again. He sighed sadly under his breath, "Goodbye, brother." He climbed
back to dry land where his real family was waiting for him.

They walked passed the crowd as Tanya played a small tamborine and Kitty and Basil embraced each other. The Hebrews all
began walking away from the shore as they chanted in Hebrew, and Kitty smiled as she showed her husband the joy they were
experiencing, "Look. Look at your people, Basil. They are free." They watched as the Hebrews left the shore and made their
way to the Promised Land.

Some time later, the Hebrews arrived in Mount Sinai, where they have flourished into a free population with no more
slavery or fear, and they were all happier here than life in Egypt. Basil was walking down a hill and stood on the
cliffs with some flat stones with words in Hebrew carved into them in his arms; the Ten Commandments of God!

The Mouse Prince of Egypt ch 12

In which we've come to the final chapter. I hope you all enjoy this parody story and I managed to accomplish my goal of
having this done by Passover and Easter.

All characters belong to their respectful owners, not me.

Once they arrived, the Hebrews all placed their sacks down, and the parents let their children down to play while the
others started to rest after a long journey. Gus sat on the back of his cart and rubbed his feet after taking off his
sandals, while Jaq gave their mule some water to drink, and Basil offered some water to some of the other mice.

Their break was interrupted when Pikachu blew into a horn to alarm the Hebrews about the danger. They all looked back at
the horizen and to their horror, a familiar rat was riding on his chariot wearing a blue war tunic, and a war helmet and
let out a war cry. Basil noticed the man was Ratigan! The Pharaoh had been consumed with anger and hatred, and now he
was out to destroy everyone.

Ratigan had his horses run down the hill, and an army of thousands of soldiers ran down with him on their own chariots.
The Hebrews all screamed as they tried to move their cattle and grabbed their children to protect them. Everyon started
panicking until looked over the sea and saw dark clouds gathering. Thunder clapped and the sea started to move.

Suddenly, a large cyclone of fire came out of the ocean! The Hebrews all watched in alarm as the flames came down on the
ground and came in front of Ratigan and his army. He ordered the army to run from the flames, but the cyclone followed
and circled around them, leaving them trapped. The Hebrews realized the cyclone was created by God to give them more
time to escape, and they all looked at Basil.

He turned towards the sea and looked at his staff, remembering God's words about the power 'He' had granted him, and with
determination, he headed into the water as the Hebrews all watched. He walked further into the shallow waters and held his
staff into the air, and he remembered God's words, "With this staff, you shall do... my wonders!" With a hopeful look, he
brought the end of the staff down into the water, and the ocean started to blow away from him and created walls, making
a path across the ocean floor.

The Hebrews watched in amazement and Basil look at everyone with a content smile and they all returned their grateful
smiles. Mickey went over to Basil and gave him a grateful smile, and then he looked over at the Hebrews and gave them
assuring smiles to know the path is safe for them before making his way through the path. The Hebrews all had relieved
smiles and started following the brothers through the sea as the waters stayed parted and the flames kept Ratigan and his
army behind them.

As they all made their way past the rocks,Timothy Q. Mouse helped his elephant friend Dumbo climb down while he used his
enormous ears as a blindfold over his eyes to make him less scared, and Tom and Tiger helped the shepherds carry their
sheep down. Jaq and Gus were pulling their cart until the wheel broke off and got stuck in the rocks. They tried pulling
it back, but Basil said to them as he moved them forward, "Leave it!" When the last of the Hebrews passed the rocks and
arrived at the bottom of the sea, few other carts were left behind and destroyed.

When dusk fell, Kitty helped light torches for some of the Hebrews and she shared her with the Raichu's family, and soon
all the others shared their fire and walked through the path with their own torches. As they walked across the ocean
floor, lightening up the water and shadows of fish and a giant whale appeared. The little mouse girl that was with
Mousetoria, Yasha became frightened of the giant shadows, but Mousetoria put her hand on her shoudler to make her feel
safe, and Yasha smiled in comfort.

As the Hebrews continued to walk, they were all started to get nervous and scared, but the kept their faith and courage
up. Mickey was walking with Tanya and his camel, and the camel let out a loud sigh and put his head on his shoulder.
"Yeah, me too." Mickey sighed as he patted the camel's head.

The Hebrews were nearly out of the path and Basil was at the end of the line helping Minnie Mouse climb down the rocks.
Back on dry land, Ratigan and his army were still held back by the cyclone of flames, but it suddenly disappeared before
them. Ratigan looked towards the shore and saw the waves apart from each other. Knowing this would be his chance to get
his revenge on Basil and the Hebrews, he brought out his sword and let out a war yell and he and his army charged into
the waves.

They arrived at the rocks where the Hebrews left their wagons, and Ratigan's horses were running too fast. When they
reached the bottom of the rocks, Ratigan's chariot broke apart and he fell to the ground, making his helmet fall off his
head. Soon all the soldiers followed down and their chariots broke apart and their horses got loose and ran around.
Ratigan got up from the ground and ordered his army in rage, "Don't just stand there! Kill them! Kill them all!"

The soldiers all brought out their swords and started charging towards the Hebrews. Basil watched in horror as the army
started making their to the Hebrews to kill them. He called out to them in alarm, "The soldiers! They're coming!" The
Hebrews started to panic and they ran as fast as they could to the other side while the soldiers kept charging towards

The Hebrews were already close to the other side and Basil struggled to get over the rocks. "Basil! Basil! Hurry! Hurry!"
Mickey called out to him as he and Tanya stood there waiting for him. Minnie came over to them and Mickey helped her up
the rocks. They turned around when Jaq called to everyone, "Look! The shore!"

They looked over and saw the waves parting to revealing the top of the rocks, which was the shore as the sun started
rising. The Hebrews quickly ran to the shore in relief while Basil looked behind and gasped. The soldiers were already
getting closer to them!

He watched them climb up the rocks in horror until he saw lightning light up the sky. He looked up and saw the water
flowing back down to the ocean floor. The soldiers looked at the water coming towards them and screamed as the walls of
water came together again and washed them away. Ratigan was still on the other side and watched as the waves came closer
to him.

"NOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!" he yelled as the water crashed into him and sent him towards the rocks on the dry land. Back with the
Hebrews, Basil managed to escape before the sea came together again with a huge splash. The Hebrews all watched in shock
and amazment as the sea started reverting back to it's tranquil and wavy state.
The Mouse Prince Egypt ch 11

In which the Hebrews crossed the Red Sea when Ratigan and his army attacked. Only one more chapter and it'll be
finished. :D

All characters belong to their respectful owners, not me.

Happy Valentine's day and since today is Valentine's day, I'm now brainstorming a Night at the Museum fan fiction series using my
OC pairing with Ahkmenrah. I thought of doing a bunch of oneshots and possibly a part by part one that sets in the Secret of the Tomb movie.

If anyone would like to help or if you like to write for me, you're more than welcome. Just feel free to comment on this entry and I'll
respond and we'll discuss via Notes.



Robin Grossman
United States

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