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Chapter 1- The call

It was a bright summer day at Brooklyn. Inside the apartment just a few blocks away from the American Museum of Natural
History lives a young woman of twenty-one. She has dark olive skin, hazel-blue eyes, and a long raven black hair that
reached near her elbows. Her name is Angelica Isabela Cortez.

She was originally born and raised in Madrid, Spain to her parents, Carlos and Esperanza Cortez, until she turned five
and her family immagrated to Brooklyn. Since then, she had developed an American accent and speaks both English and
Spanish very fluently.

Now, Angelica had just woken up that very morning, took a nice hot shower, got dressed, and made herself a cup of coffee
as well as toasted bagel. As she was expecting a phone call from the museum director, she poured in a French vanilla
flavored liquid creamer in her coffee and spread some strawberry cream cheese on her bagel. Angelica had just recently
applied for a job at the museum as a security night guard because she always loved going there since she turned six.
For her, most intriguing subject of all that had long sparked her interest was everything there is to know about Ancient
Egypt. Of course, the Dreamworks movie "The Prince of Egypt" was obviously the first thing that got her into it as well as
one dreaming of becoming an Egyptologist one day.

While she was waiting on that phone call, she then sat down at the bar of her kitchen to eat. "I'm really hoping that
I get that call sooner or later." she thought. As soon as she finished her breakfast, she heard the phone ringing.
"About freaking time." Angelica said to herself as she got up to answer the phone. "Hello?" A male voice with a British
accent answered, "Is this Miss Angelica Cortez?" "This is she." "Yes, uh... This is Dr. McPhee and I'm the director of
the American Museum of Natural History. I have just recieved your application and I'd like to schedule an interview."
Angelica's face lit up instantly when she heard the word 'interview'. She replied, "That's great" "Wonderful", said Dr.
McPhee. "Your interview will be at the museum at precisely 1:30 P.M. tomorrow and do bring your resume with you. Does that
work for you?" "Absolutely. I'll make it then." Then, they end their telephone conversation and she hung up.

Being excited as a kid on Christmas morning, Angelica dialed her parents to tell the good news. Her mother, Eperanza
answered her phone only to talk to her daughter. When Angelica did tell the news, Esperanza reacted the same way Angelica
did while on the phone with the museum director. Esperanza said over the phone, "I'm very proud of you, Angelica. My
little baby's growing up!" "Gracias, Mami. I'm really excited about getting the job, that is if I do. And who knows? I
might even start tomorrow night." Angelica replied. Esperanza said, "Muy bien. Muy bien. Would you like to visit me and
Papi before the interview tomorrow?"

Angelica shook her head and said, "No, thanks. I'd love to, but I'm way too excited. Maybe another time?" "Okay, then.
Bye-bye, Angie. I'll talk to you later." "Adios, Mami. Te amo!" Then she hung up and plopped onto her sofa, looking
forward to the interview the next day. Angelica said to herself with a smile on her face, "Pretty soon enough, this job
will be a start of a new life for me."
An Angel for a King ch 1
Chapter one for my first NATM fanfic is finally here!

With the exception of my OC Angelica, all characters belong to their respectful owners, not me
Happy Valentine's day and since today is Valentine's day, I'm now brainstorming a Night at the Museum fan fiction series using my
OC pairing with Ahkmenrah. I thought of doing a bunch of oneshots and possibly a part by part one that sets in the Secret of the Tomb movie.

If anyone would like to help or if you like to write for me, you're more than welcome. Just feel free to comment on this entry and I'll
respond and we'll discuss via Notes.

NATM OC profile: Angelica Cortez

Full name: Angelica Isabela Cortez

Nickname: Angie

Meaning of name: Spanish and Latin meaning 'angel'

Age: 21 years

Gender: Female

Eye color: Hazel Blue

Hair Color: Black

Skin color: Dark skin (Hispanic)

D.O.B.: May 20, 1993

Place of Birth: Madrid, Spain

Currently Living in: Brooklyn, NY

Personality: Charming, usually happy go-lucky, free-spirited

Family: Carlos Cotez-father
       Esperanza Cortez-mother

Friends: Larry Daley, Nicky Daley, Theodore "Teddy" Roosevelt, Sacagewea, Dexter the monkey, Jededidah, Octavius,
        Rexy the T. Rex, Atilla the Hun

Love interest: Pharaoh Ahkmenrah

Enemies: Kyle Hunter (abusive ex-boyfriend)

One Good quality: Being a caring person

One Bad quality: Clumsiness

Hobbies: Horseback riding, Drawing, playing acoustic guitar

Interests: Basically Egyptian-related stuff, reading

Dislikes: Getting hurt (physically and emotionally), being called names, losing those whom she cares about,
         fear of heights

Actress: Mila Kunis

Back Story: Angelica was born in Madrid, Spain on May the 20th, 1993. She spent the first four years of her life there
           until her family immagrated to Brooklyn in New York City. As a result, she had delveloped an American accent
           yet is fluent in both English and Spanish. She had always had a facination for everything about Ancient
           Egypt since seeing the film "The Prince of Egypt". When Angelica first attended high school, she started
           dating a freshman from the football team, Kyle Hunter. The relationship was not the very best because she had
           been abused and beaten. Later after finally leaving Kyle, she applied for a job at the American Museum of
           Natural History as a night security guard where she met Larry and his friends, all the exhibits of the
           Museum, which magically comes to life every night. That's where her love story starts with the fateful meeting
           with the Pharaoh Ahkmenrah, the Fourth King of the Fourth King.
Night At The Museum Oc Profile: Angelica Cortez
This is my first OC for The Night at The Museum I made to pair with Ahkmenrah. I hope like this.

I don't own Night at the Museum, just the OC

Ever since after seeing the Night at the Museum :Secret of the Tomb, I have just recently have a fan crush on
Pharaoh Ahkmenrah(Rami Malek). I even came up with an OC I like to make to pair with him. Her name is Angelica Isabela
Cortez and I'll eventually post a profile on her later. Eventually, stories will be written by me or with some
entusiastic help of one of my DA Watchers/Friends. If at all interested, please send me a note and we can talk it over. 

And to show off my obession, I've decided to make a cast for a parody that I just had in mind; Aladdin.


Aladdin/Prince Ali: Pharaoh Ahkmenrah (Night at the Museum)
Princess Jasmine: Angelica Cortez (my Night at the Museum OC)
Genie: Theodore "Teddy" Rossevelt (Night at the Museum; Voice Reference)
Jafar: Dracula (Van Helsing)
Iago: Fidget (The Great Mouse Detective)
Abu: Dexter the monkey (Night at the Museum)
Carpet: Pegasus (Hercules)
The Sultan: Peter Griffin (Family Guy)
Rajah: Bagheera (The Jungle Book)
Razuol: Shan Yu (Mulan)
Guards: Huns (Mulan)
Peddler: Mario (Super Mario Bros)
Old Man Jafar: Old Dracula (Gary Oldman; Bram Stoker's Dracula 1991)
Cobra Jafar: himself
Genie Jafar: Dracula's Hell Beast form (Van Helsing)
Elephant Abu: Manny the mammoth (Ice Age series)
Prince Achmed: Rameses II (The Prince of Egypt)
Cave of Wonders: itself
Gazeem the theif: Igor (Van Helsing)
Melon Seller: Homer Simpson (The Simspons)
Apple Seller: Pete (Voice Reference)

Happy Valentine's day and since today is Valentine's day, I'm now brainstorming a Night at the Museum fan fiction series using my
OC pairing with Ahkmenrah. I thought of doing a bunch of oneshots and possibly a part by part one that sets in the Secret of the Tomb movie.

If anyone would like to help or if you like to write for me, you're more than welcome. Just feel free to comment on this entry and I'll
respond and we'll discuss via Notes.



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