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Our story begins at the ballroom, where everything is dusty during the winter season. The spell had not yet been broken,
which means that the sevants were still mice and the Prince Aladdin was still a rat beast.Even Genie was still Basil
the detective mouse. Basil ran into the ballroom to look for Ratigan. Now Jasmine had promised him that she must stay in
the castle forever and they became friends; it was Basil's and the others' chance for Ratigan and Jasmine to fall in love
and break the spell. Basil began to look at the window, while Dawson, Mrs.Judson and Fievel came in for the search.

"Where could he be?" Fievel asked.

"Goodness knows. We've searched every corner."

"I'm beginning to think that he's not in the castle at all", Dawson said, joining their search. Basil wiped the dust off
of the window and saw Ratigan walking outside, "Aha! There he is!" Mrs. Judson smiled, "Wonderful!" Dawson gasped,
"No time to waste. We must find a way to get them together." Basil got away from the window and started running,
nearly knocking Dawson over. Basil said happily as he ran, "Let's go! Love will not wait!"

"You really think she's the one?" Fievel asked.

"I knew it from the moment I set eyes on her!" Basil replied, smiling and almost running out of breath as he ran. Mrs.
Judson caught up with them and said, "If anyone can reach the master, Jasmine can. For a princess, she has such a kind
soul." Basil adds, "And her looks don't hurt either!" Then, Dawson ran and called, "Wait for me!" The little mouse doctor
ran as quick as he could down the halls.

Meanwhile, Jasmine walked upstairs and down the hallway, thinking something she wants to do. Basil and the otherd made
their way in front of her, and Dawson crashed against the wall. "Hi, Jasmine!" Fievel greeted. Jasmine smiled, "Oh hello.
Fievel, do you know what day it is?" The little brown mouse looked away and said unsure, "Well, it's not Tuesday..."

Jasmine giggled, "No, silly. Today is December 24. The day before Christmas." Basil changed the subject and smiled, "And
what a beautiful day it is. A wonderful day for a morning stroll." The detective mouse gently tugs Jasmine's pant leg.
She walked with him as the others followed her.

"Yes, yes. Nothing starts a day like a brisk walk around the grounds," Mrs. Judson added.

"Yeah! Or you could go ice skating!" Fievel suggested.

Before Dawson could join, he chuckles, "Yes, fresh air, exercise," then bends over as he heard a creak in his back and
finishes, "In moderation of course." Jasmine found a pair of ice skates hanging on a post and took them.

"Come along, Jasmine dear. The great outdoors awaits." Mrs Judson said. "Yeah, let's go." Pikachu gave Jasmine her dark
red winter coat. Jasmine puts on the coat and smiled at the yellow mouse, "Thank you." Pikachu bowed and squeaked,
"Pikachu! (You're welcome!)" Jasmine was about to walk, but saw Ratigan walking on the ice. Jasmine smiled and waved, "Oh,
good morning." Ratigan saw her and frowned at her when suddenly, he slipped on the ice and lands on his back. He got up a
little and lets out a low growl.

"Oh dear! Are you all right?" Jasmine asked as she slid on the ice. Ratigan got up slowly and said, "Uh...uh...I fell and
landed on my...on, on the ice."

"It's pretty slippery," Jasmine said.

"Yes, it's slippery," Ratigan mumbled.

Jasmine was sitting on a bench and puts her ice skates on her feet. While she was lacing them up, Ratigan had his arms
crossed and still frowned. Jasmine said, "This is a perfect day for skating." Basil and the others watched them.
"Come on," Jasmine began to ice skate the ice, as Ratigan watched, "Come on."

"No," Ratigan grunts and looked at his servants.

"Go on, Master. It might be fun", Basil said.

"Go for it!" Fievel added. Ratigan looked back at Jasmine and smiled a bit. Basil, Toby, and the others ran towards the
bridge to get a better view of Ratigan and Jasmine. "Come on. Why don't you try it like this?" Jasmine shows him to skate
slowly to teach him, "See? It's easy." Ratigan began to do what she says very slowly and almost began to slip.

Over at the West Wing, by Ratigan's room, a pipe organ is playing slowly and gloomy. A parrot was watching the player
playing the organ. The bird has red and blue feathers, sort of like a Scarlet Macaw. He is Iago. The one playing the organ
was a tall maneless lion that had red fur, yellow eyes, and a blue robe on his body. His name was Red.

Red continues playing and ends his masterpiece. The parrot applauded for his music. "Bravo! Bravo! Encore!" Red chuckled,
"Iago, you approve?" Iago said, "Are you kiddin'? That was magnificent!"

"Oh, come along, it's merely an opera," Red played the very low booming tune, causing the glass windows to crack, "To
bring the house down," Red laughed. A small chunk of the ceiling fell on Iago's head. Iago straightened himself and asked,
"Is there a part for a parrot?"

"Absolutely," Red answered and play a light tune. The green notes came out of the organ and floated towards a chest,
getting out the music masterpiece. "Solo for Iago, in B-flat." Iago sighed, "Oh, I do anything for a solo."

"Yes," the chest slammed when Red smirked, "I know. Now, Iago, in the midst of my crescendo, I thought I heard merriment
outside the window. Have a little look-see, will you?" Iago flew towards the window, took a look outside, and saw Jasmine
and Ratigan laughing. "Wow! Would ya look at that?"

"Well then, I think I might. I'll just pick myself up and..." Red got interrupted because he's concerned that his organ
might fall and he's stuck as his ankles to the organ, "What's this? Oh, heavens! Look! I'M BOLTED TO THE WALL!" Iago gave
a nervous chuckle, "Oh, right. Uhm, the master is skating."

"Skating? Now why on Earth would he do a thing like that?" Red wondered. Iago said with a shrug, "Probably because that
pretty girl is holding his hand." Red glared at the bird and asked, "What? Princess Jasmine?" When she first came to the
castle, Red wasn't impressed. Iago scratched his head, "Hey! Maybe if she falls in love with him, the spell will be broken
and we'll be human again! And genies for Basil and Ms. Kitty, too!"

Red became furious and blares his organ, making the parrot yelp and fell to the floor. Red sneered, "Trust me, Iago.
Humanity and genies are entirely overrated. Before the enchantment, there was no need for my particular brand of genius.
But now, the master needs my melodies to feed his tormented soul. I am his confidant and his best friend, and I won't let
this princess go ruin it for me!"

He turned to Iago and snarled, "Iago, see to it that this blossoming love withers on the vine." Iagon saluted, "Yes,
Maestro Red!" and he flew off to stop Jasmine and Ratigan from falling in love.

Back outside, Jasmine watched the grey Rat, finally ice skating really well. He ice skates around Jasmine a couple of
times and gives a happy snarl, "I think I got it!" With a growl, he moves as Jasmine giggles. The parrot flew towards the
bridge, while Basil and the others kept watching Ratigan and Jasmine. Iago hops up and down as he says, "Hey, down in
front! I wanna see! Let me see! I wanna see, too!" Iago gave a shrill squawk. Basil and the others shushed him to be
quiet, so that they won't disturb the couple.

"Oh, this is promising," Dawson said, watching Ratigan and Jasmine. Basil sighed, "Ah, yes, there is something in the air.
Could it be love?" Iago panicked, "Love? I gotta stop them!" He then swoops down and flew towards the couple, who are
skating, unaware of what is happening.

"What is that bird up to?" Mrs. Judson wondered. Iago had flown off past Ratigan and Jasmine, then slid on the ice. He
watched them ice skating together, holding hands and skating past him. Ratigan looked at Jasmine with a warm smile and
gave a small chuckle. Iago got up and grabbed Ratigan's cape as he calls, "Hey! Stop!" He pulled hard and rips the cape,
making Ratigan and Jasmine slide fast. The two let out small screams as they slid fast and crashed towards the pile of
smow. Jasmine panted when she sat up and Ratigan shook off the snow that covered him.

Iago got thrown off and crashed against a tree, which made some snow fall on top of him. Jasmine smiled and laid down on
the snow to make a snow angel, while Ratigan watched. She got up, while Ratigan did the same, "It's a Christmas angel,

Ratigan smiled to see his angel, but he frowned at what he made and a low growl escaped from his throat. He looked at his
version, which looked like a hideous shape. He sighed, "This is no angel. It's the shadow of a monster..." Outraged, he
roared and slashed at the snow to get rid of the shadow monster. He runs off with a roar as the snowflakes fell gently.

Iago chuckled of what he just saw, "Red's gonna be so proud of me!" Jasmine and the others watched Ratigan stomping off
back to the castle, still angry. Jasmine said sadly, "I don't why I bother." She flops down on the snow and sighs, "Now
he's worse than ever." Mrs. Judson looked at Jasmine and said, "Don't lose hope, dearest."


Maleficent- Kikyo
Young Maleficent- Rin
Aurora- Kagome
Diaval- Sesshomaru
Young Stefan- Kohaku
Stefan- Takemaru of Setsuna (Villain from Swords of an Honorable Ruler movie)
The three good fairies- Keade, Sango, and Ayame
King Henry- ???
Queen Leila- Izayoi
Phillip- InuYasha

These are all I can come up with for this cast. Any thoughts?

Months after the spell had been broken, the castle was lit at night over the woods. Tonight was Christmas Eve! Everyone
from Agrabah, including the Sultan came over to celebrate. They crossed the bridge and sang a very familiar carol.

Citezens: Deck the halls with boughs of holly! Fa-la-la-la-la, La-la-la-la! 'Tis the season to be jolly!
         Fa-la-la-la-la, La-la-la-la! Don we now our gay apparel! Fa-la-la, la-la-la, La-la-la! Troll the ancient
         Yuletide carol! Fa-la-la-la-la, La-la-la-la!

In the hallway, Ranjan and Toby were playing with a red ribbon and laughing when he had Toby chase after them. They
stopped by the steps and looked at the ballroom. Everything has been decorated for Christmas and everyone gathered around
to celebrate the most wonderful time of the year. Ranjan was amazed at the sight, then slid down the rail to join the
guest while Toby ran down the stairs.

Genie, dressed as the old Saint Nick himself for the occassion, was throwing holly leaves over a table and sang to
himself, "Deck the halls with boughs of holly!" He chuckles as he throws more leaves, "There must be much, much more
holly!" Cassim was getting some food from the table onto a small plate and sang, "'Tis the season to be..." He stops and
finds a leaf. He grumbles, "What's this? There's too much holly." Ranjan ran into Cassim, who dropped his plate and nearly
lost his balance. He called, "Whoa. Slow down, young man."

A young woman with red hair, blue-green eyes, and a green dress on her was putting an angel on the top of the tree. Her
name was Anastasia (A/N: Not Cinderella's stepsister, Don Bluth's character) She sang, "Don we now our gay apparel!"
She looks over the ladder and shakes her head, "No, no, no, no! More mistletoe!" Nanny was standing by the fireplace.
The old woman looked over to see Ranjan with a present in his hands.

She called, "Ranjan, away from those from those presents, dear!" The little boy ran towards Nanny, then he said, "Hey,
Mama! I got one for me. Can I open it, Mama? Please?" Nanny smiled warmly, "Well, just one."

"All right!" cheered Ranjan. Genie looked at Ranjan unwrap his gift, along with Toby chewing on the paper. Genie smiled,
"It's good to see the little guy having a proper Christmas, not like last year." Cassim chuckled, "Yes. This is much more
agreeable." Nanny looked the men and said, "Well, I thought last was quite nice."

"Yes, well, I suppose, I did manage to save Christmas," Cassim smirked at Genie.

"You?" Genie asked.

"Yes, me," Cassim replied, "If it weren't for my skillful and decisive leadership, all would've been lost."

Genie scoffs, "Leadership? Ha! You couldn't even lead a horse to water!" Ranjan got his gift out, which were a pair of
socks for him. He held the socks up and groaned.

"What are you going on about? It was all my idea," Cassim glared. Genie slapped Cassim's hand away from him and snapped,
"Your idead? Everyone knows it was mine!" These two shouldn't be fighting, especially during the holidays. Nanny rolled
her eyes, "Heavens. How many times are we going to have go over this story?"

"Story?" Ranjan asked.

"Until someone gets his facts straight", Genie replied as he glares at Cassim.

Ranjan looked at his mother and asked, "Why don't you tell it, Mama?"

"Excellent idea," Cassim agreed.

Nanny shrugged and said in an unsure tone, "Well, I don't know..." Genie smiled and reassured the old woman, "Awww, Come
on, Nanny. Surely, you recall how I saved Christmas."

He was getting ahead of himself, which made Cassim warn, "No leading the witness." Ranjan pleaded, "Please, Mama, tell the
story?" The old woman placed her son on her lap and smiled, "Oh, alright." She sat in the chair with him as Genie said,
"Oh good. Now we can hear what really happened." Genie, Cassim, the Sultan and a few others gathered around to listen to
Nanny's story.

She began, "Well, let's see. Jasmine, terrified by the master's anger, ran away from the castle...straight into a pack of
wolves. But the master saved her. They began to be friends." Genie said, "Ah-ah-ah. That's where I come in!" He meant that
the real story begins.


Belle: Jasmine (Aladdin)

Beast/Prince Adam: Professor Padriac Ratigan/Aladdin (The Great Mouse Detective/Aladdin)

Maurice: The Sultan (Aladdin)

Lumiere: Basil of Baker Street/Genie (The Great Mouse Detective/Aladdin)

Cogsworth: Dr. David Q. Dawson/Cassim (The Great Mouse Detective/Aladdin and the King of Theives)

Chip: Fievel Mouskewitz/Ranjan (An American Tail series/The Jungle Book 2)

Mrs. Potts: Mrs. Judson/Nanny (The Great Mouse Detective/ 101 Dalmatians)

Babbette: Ms. Kitty/Eden (The Great Mouse Detective/ Aladdin the series)

Wardrobe: The Bairmaid (The Great Mouse Detective)

Phillipe: Sahara (Disney Princess Enchanted Tales: Follow Your Dreams)

Angelique: Tanya Mouskewitz/ Anastasia (An American Tail series/Anasatasia)

Fife: Iago/Ling (Aladdin/Mulan)

Forte: Red/Judge Claude Frollo (All Dogs Go To Heaven 2/ The Hunchback of Notre Dame)

Townspeople: Disney/Non-Disney characters

Enchanted Objects: Disney/Non-Disney mice characters

Old Beggar Woman: The Queen in hag form (Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs)

Enchantress: Elsa (Frozen)
Chapter 2- "Rumbly in My Tumbly"

So, Pikachu climbed the honey tree. He climbed, and he climbed, and he climbed. And as he climbed, he hummed a little hum.
"And I call my 'rumbly in my tumbly' song" added the little mouse Pokemon. And it went something like this:

Pikachu: Hum-dum-dee-dum. Hum-dum-dee-dum. I'm so rumbly in my tumbly.

Pikachu bumped his head on a branch, rubbed it before continuing singing.

Pikachu: Time to mucnh an early luncheon. Hum-dee-dum-dum-dum. Oh, I wouldn't climb this tree. If a Pikachu flew
        like a Beedrill. But I wouldn't be a mouse then. And, so I guess I wouldn't care then.

Pikachu climbed up to the next branch to see the Beedrill flying towards the hive in the hollow trunk of the tree. He
scooted towards a branch that stood upright to climb up to get closer. Pikachu climbed up the branch, finishing his hum,
until he comes so close leaning towards the hive, that the branch might snap any second.

Pikachu: Mice love honey and I'm a Pikachu. So, I do care. So, I climb them. I'm so rumbly in my tumbly.
        Time for something... for something...

Then without warning, the branch snapped in two, leaving Pikachu falling off the tree. He said as he bumped into branches
first on his head, then on his bottom, and lastly on his face while falling, "Sweet... to eat! Oh! If only I hadn't...
Ooh! You see what I meant to do... Oof! And it all comes, I suppose, from liking honey so much." Then Pikachu fell
straight into the prickly gorse bush, ultimately failing his attempt to collect honey from the honey tree. "Oh, bother."
said the mouse.

Pikachu crawled out of the gorse bush, brushed the prickles from his nose, and began to think again. "Think, think,
think." And the first person he thought of was...

"Pikachu?" asked Pikachu, curiously with a smile.

No. Ash Ketchum.

"Oh" Pikachu said as his expression turned to a frown and his ears dropped.
Many Adventures of Pikachu ch 2
Sorry if this is brief, but at least I get it done. Fair warning in advance that some chapter like this may have a brief text, so please do not
comment "Why is the chapter short?" or something like that. Anywho, in this chapter, Pikachu climbed the honey tree in his attempt to get
more honey to eat.

All characters belong to their respectful owners, not me
Our story begins by being up in the clouds and seeing a grand gothic cathredral. It is one of the most well-known churches
of all time: Notre Dame, the most famous church in all of Paris. As we go through the city of Paris. As we go through the
city of Paris, we hear a voice singing.

Voice: Morning in Paris, the city awakes to the bells of Notre Dame... The fisherman fishes, the bakerman bakes to the
      bells of Notre Dame... To the big bells as loud as the thunder, to the little bells soft as a psalm... And some
      say the soul of the city's the toll of the bells, the bells of bells, the bells of Notre Dame.

As we go in further, we see a fisherman on a side of a bridge and a baker come out with fresh bread outside of his shop.

We now stop at a colorful wagon where children are watching a show happily. We see a male figure in it. He's a tall man
with a short beard and wore bright clothes, black gloves, and a magenta mask that covers his eyes; his name is Clopin.
Clopin said, "Listen, they're beautiful, no? So many colors of sound, so many changing moods. But you know, they don't all
by themselves." Clopin brings a little puppet that resembles him and says in squeaky voice, "They don't?" Clopin said in
his normal voice, "No, you silly boy. Up there, high up in the dark bell tower lives a mysterious bell ringer. But who is
this creature?"

"Who?" asked the puppet.

"What is he?" Clopin asked more.


"How did he come to be there?"


Clopin bopped his puppet's head with a stick and scolds, "Hush!" The children laughed as the puppet rubs his head with a
small whine. Clopin looked at the children and said, "Clopin will tell you. It is a tale, a tale of a man and a

Twenty years back on a cold winter's night, four people were travelling by boat. The people are gypsies and they tried
their best not to be seen because they are a hated race. A woman with brown eyes and chocolate brown hair wearing a red
dress with a hood was holding a bundle; this is Anna Valerious. Van Helsing was sitting next to her while another man was
steering the boat and was keeping an eye out as a friar named Carl kept close. From the bundle, a loud cry from a baby is

Clopin: Dark was the night when our tale was begun on the docks near Notre Dame...

Van Helsing looked at Anna and hissed, "Shut it up, will you?"

The man steering the boat growled at Anna, We'll be spotted!"

Anna held the bundle and gently rocked it. She said, "Hush, little one."

Clopin: Four frightened gypsies slid silently under the docks near Notre Dame...

They got off a boat and approached a seller. Carl looked at them and held up his hand. The friar said, "Four guilder for
safe passage into Paris." Without warning, an arrow goes towards the snow. The group looked around and is horrified to see
that they are surrounded by guards with weapons. These guards ran towards the group with spears pointed to them.

Clopin: But a trap had been laid for the gypsies and they gazed up in fear and alarm at a figured whose clutches were iron
       as much as the bells, the bells of Notre Dame...

The group turns and gasps as they see a sinister figure coming out of the shadows on horseback. He is a man with ivory
skin, a head of grey hair, eyes black as coal, black robes with brown gloves and a hat with a red ribbon attached to the
back. Van Helsing gasped, "Judge Claude Frollo!" He was riding a black Fresian stallion and looked at the people with pure

Chorus: Kyrie Eleison (Lord have mercy)

Clopin: Judge Claude Frollo longed to purge the the world of vice and sin...

Chorus: Kyrie Elieson (Lord have mercy)

The guards chained all of them and Anna was the only one free. The woman looks frightened as her husband and fellow friar
friend get taken away by the guards. She held onto her infant protectively

Clopin: And he saw corruption everywhere, except within...

Frollo spoke in a thick British accent, "Bring the gypsy vermin to the Palace of Justice." One of the guards sees Anna
and grabs her wrist as he growls, "You, there! What are you hiding?" Frollo looked at the bundle and said, "Stolen goods,
no doubt. Take them from her!"

Clopin said grimly, "She ran..."

Anna ran as fast as she could, holding her baby in her arms. She didn't bother to look back as Frollo kicked his horse
into a full gallop. Anna ran through the streets as she was pursued and the horse snorted, getting closer. However, Anna
was able to lose the man as she jumped over a fence safely and kept running with her infant. Frollo's horse tried to jump
after her, but whinnied and paws the ground. Anna ran towards Notre Dame cathredral, pounds on the door, "Sanctuary!
Please give us sanctuary!"

Chorus: Dies irae, dies illa (Day of wrath, that day) Solvet saeclum in favilla (Shall consume the world in ashes)
       Teste David cun sibylla (As prohesied by David and the sybil) Quantus tremor est futurus (What trembling is to be)
       Quando Judex est venturus (When the Judge is come)

She looked to see Frollo riding fast and the woman gasped as she started to run again. Then man caught up to her, grabs
the blanket as Anna tugs the bundle, and gets kicked in the face. Anna grunts in pain and fell backwards, hitting her head
on the steps if the church and lies with her eyes shut; she is dead. Frollo looks at the dead woman, then the baby starts
crying. Frollo looks at the bundle and wonders, "A baby?" He opens the blanket, looks at its face, and gasps, "A monster!"
He covers the baby's face, looks around, and sees a well. He made his horse walk towards the well, lifts the baby towards
it, and was ready to drop it in to drown it.

However, an larger old man wearing a white robe over a blue tunic shouted, "STOP!"

"Cried the Archdeacon," Clopin said with a smile.

Frollo still has the baby dangling in the blanket and said, "This is an unholy demon! I'm sending it back to Hell where it
belongs." The Archdeacon held Anna's body in his arms and sings.

Archdeacon: See there the innocent blood you have spilt on the steps of Notre Dame...

Frollo held the baby and rides back towards the man, "I am guiltless. She ran; I pursued."

Archdeacon: Now you would add this child's blood to your guilt near the steps of Notre Dame!

Frollo scoffed, "My conscience is clear!" The Archdeacon looked at the man and told him of the sin, looked at the statues
of the church, and sang.

Archdeacon: You can lie to yourself and your minions! You can claim that you havn't a qualm, but you never can run from
           nor hide what you've done from the eyes... the very eyes of Notre Dame!

Chorus: Kyrie Eleison (Lord have mercy)

Frollo turns to look at the statues of the saints and feared that they are looking throught him. He became fearful as he
looked at one of the statues that shows a demon weighing the scales on Judgement Day and fears that the scales will tip
by the smaller demon.

Clopin: And for one time in his life of power and control...

Chorus: Kyrie Eleison (Lord have mercy)

Clopin: Frollo felt a twinge of fear for his immortal soul...

Frollo became more frightened as he looked at the statue of the Virgin Mary holding the Infant Jesus in her arms.
lightning flashed and the statue's eyes were glaring at the man, hating him for the sin committed and holdering her only
son protectively. Frollo became fearful and asked, "What must I do?" The Archdeacon holds Anna's body in his arms as he
stood up and said sternly, "Care for the child and raise it as your own."

Frollo: Just so he's kept locked away where no one else can see...

"The bell tower, perhaps. And who knows? Our Lord works in mysterious ways." He smirks as he looks at the baby as he
finishes singing.

Frollo: Even this foul creature may yet prove one day to be of use to me...

Clopin finishes his performance and said as he held a puppet under a red cloak, "And Frollo gave the child a cruel name, a
name that means 'half-formed': Ralphimodo." As the puppet show continues, the young baby now grew up to a huge-built man
with abnormally huge arms, who rings the bells as Clopin finishes his song.

Clopin: Now here is a riddle to guess if you can sing the bells of Notre Dame... Who is the monster and who is the man?

Clopin and Chorus: Sing the bells, bells, bells, bells... Bells, bells, bells, bells... Bells of Notre Dame...

As the song comes to a close, we go from the puppet show to the bell tower as the actual bells ring loudly within. We see
the mysterious Ralphimodo ringing them as he did sine the day he knew how. As the bell rings on, the title appeared...

The Ralph of Notre Dame


Quasimodo: Wreck-It-Ralph (Wreck-It-Ralph)
Esmeralda: Elsa (Frozen)
Djali: Young Bambi (Bambi)
Phoebus: Jack Frost (Rise of the Guradians)
Frollo: himself
Clopin: himself
Hugo: Ted (Ted)
Victor: Bagheera (Walt Disney's The Jungle Book)
Laverne: The Lorax (The Lorax 2012 version)
Archdeacon: himself


Maleficent- Kikyo
Young Maleficent- Rin
Aurora- Kagome
Diaval- Sesshomaru
Young Stefan- Kohaku
Stefan- Takemaru of Setsuna (Villain from Swords of an Honorable Ruler movie)
The three good fairies- Keade, Sango, and Ayame
King Henry- ???
Queen Leila- Izayoi
Phillip- InuYasha

These are all I can come up with for this cast. Any thoughts?


Robin Grossman
United States

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