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After horse and rider went across the desert from Agrabah, they went into the woods on the other side and somehow got lost.
Sahara snorted and kept his ears up for anything suspicious. The Sultan looked at a map and said, "Hmm. We should be there by now."
An owl hooted when Sahara raised his head at the sound, then the Sultan said, "Maybe we missed a turn. I guess I should have taken the...
Now wait a minute."

He pulled Sahara's reins to stop the horse and looked to see a sign at the point of a fork in the road. Sahara looked and turned his head, but
the Sultan pulled the reins and said, "Well, let's go this way." The Arabian stallion snorted and looked to see a path that was foggy,
scary-looking, and spooky. He looked left to see another path that looked more calm and cheerful. Using his senses, he moved in that direction.

Sadly, he was pulled away as the Sultan said, "Come on, Sahara! It's a shortcut. We'll be there in no time." They went through the dark path and
went down the road in silence. Sahara looked up to the sky and saw the leaves blow away in the breeze. Among the trees, a shadow of a wolf ran
and made Sahara stop dead in his tracks. He snorted in alarm and brought up his head as a howl pierced into the darkness.

The Sultan looked at his map and said, "This can't be right! Where have you taken us, Sahara? Maybe we should turn around." He had the horse
to back up, but the howling intensified and made the horse spook. Sahara backed up too far and crashed the wagon into a tree. Then a flock
of bats flew out of the tree and a frightened Sahara cantered off with a panicked whinny.

The Sultan held the reins and called, "Whoa! Whoa, boy!" The rode of towards a cliff and backed away. The Sultan said, "Good boy. That's it.
No, steady! Now, steady! SAHARA, DON'T! NO!" Sahara reared up as the howls were very loud and accidentally threw the Sultan off! The horse
pulled the wagon and galloped into the woods to get home, with a few wolves chasing after him.

The sky was dark and the Sultan got up as he called, "Sahara?" He didn't hear anything, except for a roll of thunder. He got up, dusted
himself off and placed his royal turban on. He heard growling and turned to see a pack of wolves. He gasped and made a run for it, but
the wolves pursued him. The small old man ran for his life and tripped down a small hill. He looked up to see a gate and ran towards it.
The wolves bared their teeth and growled as the went after him.

The Sultan pulled the gate and shouted, "Help! Is someone there?! HELP!" Then the gates flew open and the Sultan got inside. The wolves were
about to pounce, but the gate closes and stopped them. The Sultan tried to get up, by he saw a wolf tearing his pant leg. He pulled it hard and
got it free. The Sultan didn't bother to pick up his turban and gasped in amazement. What he saw before him across the bridge was an enormous

Then lightning flashed in the sky and it began to rain. The Sultan didn't bother to hesitate and went towards the giant doors. He gave a knock
and the door creaked open as the man stepped inside. He looked around to see a hall with a giant staircase, doorways, and statues of gargoyles
around. The area was dark and the Sultan closed the door behind him.

He walked around slowly and called, "Hello?" There was no response and he called again, "Hello?" A voice with a British accent said, "Poor chap,
he must've lost his way in the woods." Another voice with the same accent said, "Keep quiet! Maybe he'll go away." The Sultan stopped dead in
his tracks and called, "Is someone there?" The second voice said, "Not a word, Basil. Not one word."

The Sultan called, "I-I don't mean to intrude, but I lost my horse and I need a place to stay for the night." The first voice said, "Oh, Dawson.
Do have a heart." The second voice shushed the first voiced, but the sound of something sizzling came and a yelp came. The first voice said,
"Of course, my good fellow. You are welcome here." The Sultan picked up a tall mouse wearing detective attire and looked around, "Who said that?"

What he didn't know is that the mouse was the owner of the voice with a British accent. The mouse said, "Over here!" The mouse his index finger
to tap the Sultan's shoulder and said as the man faced him, "'ello." The mouse dressed as a detective was named Basil.

The Sultan jumped back and dropped Basil. The Sultan looked at the tall mouse and said, "Incredible." The second voice belonged to a shorter,
chubbier mouse dressed as an English gentleman, who said, "Well, now you've done it, Basil! Splended! Just peachy!" The stout mouse was named
Dr David Q. Dawson or Dawson for short. Then the Sultan picked up Dawson and said, "By Allah! Who is this accomplished?"

Dawson squirmed, "Put me down at once!" he shouted making the Sultan pause. "Do you mind?" The Sultan replied, "Oh, I beg your pardon. It's just
that I've never seen a mouse-" He paused as he was about to sneeze, then he into Dawson's face. Dawson pulled out a hankercheif from his coat
pocket and wiped his face clean.

The Sultan also pulled out his hankerchief, only to wipe his nose as he sniffled. Basil looked at the Sultan and said, "Oh, you must be soaked to
the bone, old chap. Come, warm yourself by the fire." Basil led the Sultan into a lit room as the Sultan said, "Thank you."

As the Sultan followed Basil, a tall furry figure saw what was going on and made a soft snarl. The figure bolted away as Dawson said, "No, no, no!
You know what the master will do if he finds him in here!" Dawson held the Sultan's cape and shouted, "I demand that you stop right there!" The
chubby mouse lost his balance and fell down the steps a tiny bit. He saw Basil seat the Sultan into a large chair near the fireplace.

Dawson whined, "Oh no, no! Not the master's chair!" The a running footstool named Toby barked happily as he saw a guest in the chair. Dawson
covered his eyes and panicked "I'm not seeing this! I'm not seeing this!" Toby went over to the Sultan, who recieved a rub on the head and a
smile, "Hello there, boy!" Toby snorted and got under the Sultan's feet to relax, as well as propping them up. A Pikachu got out a warm purple
blanket and wrapped it around the Sultan. The yellow mouse bowed to him as a proper Japanese person would and said, "Pika!" The Sultan smiled,
"What service!"

"Alright! This has gone far enough! I'm in charge here-" Dawson was interupted when a tea cart rolled over him towards the Sultan and a plump
female mouse dressed as a maid said, "How would you like a nice spot of tea, sir? It'll warm you up in no time." Her name was Mrs. Judson. She
poured the Sultan a cup of tea with her son, a little brown mouse boy named Fieval clinging on to one side opposite of the handle.

Dawson said with his face on the floor, "No. No tea." He got up and shouted, "NO TEA!" Nobody listened as the Sultan picked up the teacup and took
a sip. Fieval giggled as he feels the Sultan's white beard tickled his fur. "His beard's so ticklish, Mama."

The Sultan looked up at Fieval after setting down the teacup and smiled, "Oh, hello." Then doors flew open and the flames in the fireplace died
out. Basil turned around fast, panicked. Mrs Judson was shaking in fear as Fieval hid behind her. He nervously said with his ears dropped,
"Uh-oh...." The Sultan shook nervously as the shadow creeps up.

The shadow was tall and belonged to the figure in the doorway. The figure was strong monstrous rat with grey fur and yellow eyes. He had
razor-sharp pointed teeth and a long scaly pink tail. He stood at least seven feet tall, had long black claws on his pink hands and feet.
He wore a black and blood red cape, tattered pants that were black as well, and a golden brooch that held the cape in place.
The Rat got on all fours and walked in with a growl.

A deep, menacing voice said, "There's a stranger here." Basil said, "Master, allow me to explain. You see, this gentleman was lost in the woods.
He was cold and wet, so-" He was cut short when a loud roar came from the Rat. Basil shook nervously as well as the others. Dawson poked his
head from a rug and said, "Master, I would to take this moment to say... I was against this from the start! It was all his fault! I tried to
stop them, but will they listen to me? No! No!" He stopped as another roar came out and hid himself under the rug like a blanket.

The Sultan looked right and looked to see himself face to face with the Rat. He made a gasp and lept out of the chair as the Rat advanced on
him, "Who are you and what are you doing here?!" The Rat stood on his legs and snarled at the shaking man. The Sultan stammered, "I-I was lost
in the woods and-" He was cut off as the Rat shouted, "You not welcome here!"

"I-I'm sorry." the Sultan apologized quickly, but stared at the Rat in fear. Acknowledging this, the Rat leaned over to the man and snarled,
"What are you staring at?!" "Nothing" the Sultan lied quickly. The Rat accused, "So you've come to stare at the RAT, have you?!" The Sultan
tried to make it to the exit, but the grey Rat blocked him.

"Please! I meant no harm!" the Sultan backed away and implored in a frightened tone, "I just needed a place to stay!" Hearing no more, the Rat
grabbed the Sultan by the arms and growled, "I'll give you a place to stay!" The Sultan kicked his legs and shouted, "No! Please! No! NOOOO!"
The mice looked in sorrow and bowed their heads as the door slammed shut.
One morning, a beautiful girl with long raven black hair and was tied in a low ponytail with a blue ribbon, brown eyes, and
olive skin come out of a palace. She's carrying a dark red book in her arms and a basket in her hands. She wore a blue
harem-like top and pants with golden shoes along with gold jewelry.She was a princess of the Arabian city of Agrabah
and her name was Jasmine. As she walked to the marketplace, Jasmine began to sing.

Jasmine: Little town, it's a busy city; everyday, like the one before... Little town, full of little people waking up to say...

Everyone in town gave a friendly "salaam" as Jasmine walked around the market. She looked over to a man as he was walking holding
a try full of bread. He was from India and is now the baker for Agrabah's bazaar. It was none other than Apu.

"Morning, Princess Jasmine." Apu said, walking past Jasmine and over to an open window. She walked over and said, "Good morning,
sir." Apu placed the tray down and asked, "Where are you off to?" Jasmine replied with a smile, "The bookshop. I just finished
the most wonderful story about a beanstalk and an ogre and-"

Apu cut her off and ignored her as he said, "That's nice. Manjulah, the baguettes! Hurry up!" Jasmine shrugged and continued to
walk to the bookshop as she passed Drizella and Anastasia Tremaine.

Drizella and Anastasia: Look there she goes. That girl is strange, no question! Dazed and distracted. Can't you tell?

Lady Tremaine: Never part of any crowd.

Mr. Smee: [trimming off one of Captain Hook's moustache, looking at Jasmine] 'Cause her head's up on some cloud.

All (except Jasmine): No denying she's a funny girl, that Jasmine.

Jasmine jumped onto the back of a horse-drawn cart as it went through the marketplace. Mr Toad was driving the cart as he went
past Katrina Van Tassel.

Toad: Salaam

Katrina: Good day

Toad: How is your family?

Megara walked towards a meat stand that was run by Donald Duck. The woman smiled, "Salaam." Donald looked at Megara and smiled,
"Good day." Megara walked away and said, "How is your wife?" When she sang that, Donald recieved a smack on the head by Daisy
Duck. Marge Simpson was carrying Maggie and saw Mr. Krabs selling chicken eggs. "I need six eggs!" Mr. Krabs looked at the
blue-haired lady and said, "That's too expensive!"

Jasmine jumped off the cart safely and sang, "There must be more than this old royal life." She entered the bookshop to be
greeted by a small man in a cloak and turban and he was the Peddler. He smiled, "Ah, Princess Jasmine!"

"Good morning. I've come to return the book I borrowed." Jasmine said as handed the book to the Peddler. He checked the book
and asked, "Finished already?" Jasmine climbed up a ladder to look at the shelves to find a good book. She said, "Oh, I couldn't
put it down. Have you got anything new?"

The Peddler placed the book on the shelf and shrugged with a small chuckle, "Not since yesterday." Jasmine looked over her shoulder
and smiled, "That's alright." She took a blue book off the shelf and handed it to the Peddler, "I'll borrow this one." The Peddler
looked at the cover and said to Jasmine, "That one? But you've read it twice!"

Jasmine smiled as she swung off the ladder, "But it's my favorite! Far off places, daring swordfights, magic spells and a prince in
disguise!" The Peddler gave a small laugh and handed the book to the young princess saying, "If you like it all that much, it's
yours." Jasmine walked out and said, "But, sir-" The Peddler cuts her off and politely said, "I insist." He waved goodbye at her
and Jasmine smile as she opened the book, "Oh, thank you! Thank you very much!"

As she was reading, Spanky, Wooldor and Ling-Ling watched her go by.

Spanky, Wooldor, and Ling-Ling- Look there she goes, that girl is so peculiar! I wonder if she's feeling well!

Women: With a dreamy far-off look.

Men: And her nose stuck in a book.

All: What a puzzle to the rest of us is Jasmine.

Jasmine sat on the edge of a fountain as a flock of sheep took a drink and a camel kneeled next to her. She shows the animals a
picture of a maiden in a pink dress with a mysterious figure, who might be her prince in disguise.

Jasmine: Oh, isn't this amazing? It's my faovrite part because you'll see! Here's where she meets Prince Charming, but she won't
        discover that it's him till chapter three.

The sheep and the camel was herded off by a livestock dealer back to their pens to be sold. Jasmine walked past a beauty salon,
where Liane Cartman gets her hair fixed by Mr. Garrison.

Liane Cartman: No it's now wonder that though she's the princess, her looks have got no parallel!

Mr Garrison: But behind her fair facade, I'm afraid she's rather odd. Very different from the rest of us.

All: She's nothing like the rest of us. Yes, different from the rest of us is Jasmine.

A flock of geese flow overhead and one got shot down when a rifle sounded off. A short man named Abis Mal ran with a sack open.
He waited for the dead bird to drop into the sack, but it landed on the ground, but it landed on the ground. He picked the bird up
and stuffed it in the sack, than ran towards a taller more handsome man with black hair name Monzerath.

"Wow! You didn't miss a shot, Monzerath", the short man exclaimed in excitement, "You're the greatest hunter in the whole world."
Monzeroth blew the gun's top to clear the smoke away and said proudly, "I know." Abis Mal walked with Monzerath and said, "No beast
alive could stand a chance against you and no girl, for that matter." Monzerath pulled Abis Mal into a headlock and pointed,
"It's true, Abis Mal. And I've got my sights set on that one."

"Oh, the Sultan's daughter? The Princess?" Abis Mal asked in disbelief.

Monzerath said, "Yes! She's the one! The lucky girl I intend to marry." Abis Mal dropped to the ground and said, "But she's-"
He got cut off as Monzerath said, "The most beautiful girl in Agrabah."

"I know, but-" Abis Mal said, only to be smacked on the head by the rifle and was interupted. Monzerath, "And that makes her the
best." He picked up Abis Mal by his shirt and asked with a bit of venom in his voice, "And don't I deserved the best?" Abis
Mal stammered, "W-Well, of course! I mean, you do-" He stopped when Monzeroth dropped him and began to sing.

Monzerath: Right from the moment when I met her, saw her; I said she's gorgeous and I fell... Here in town there's only she,
who is beautiful as me, so I'm making plans to woo and marry Jasmine...

He picked up his gun and looks at himself in the mirror. Jasmine walked past the two men, then Monzerath followed her as a trio of
harem girls (A/N: I named the balcony harems girls for this story) named Fatimah, Farrah and Abdullah saw him walking.

Harem Girls: Look there he goes. Isn't he dreamy? That Monzerath, oh he's so cute! Be still, my heart; I'm hardly breathing!
            He's such a tall, dark, strong, and handsome brute!

The girls fainted and got up again, then Monzerath spotted Jasmine among the crowd.

Merchant: Salaam

Monzerath: Pardon

Man: Good day!

Randy Marsh: Yes, please!

Grampa Simpson: You call this bacon?

Lois Griffin: What lovely grapes!

Wallace: Some cheese!

Sharon Marsh: Ten yards!

Wallace: One pound

Monzerath: 'Scuse me!

Merchant #2: I'll get the knife.

Monzerath: Please let me through!

Sheila Broflovski: This bread!

Eric Cartman: Those fish!

Sheila Broflovski: It's stale!

Eric Cartman: They smell!

Merchant #3: Madame's mistaken

Jasmine: There must be more than this old royal life!

Monzerath: Just watch. I'm going make Jasmine my wife!

The townsfolk gathered around Monzerath and eventually surrounded him, but that didn't stop him. He went through a door, went
inside, and climbed out the window and got onto the roof as he watched Jasmine walking.

All: Look there she goes. A girl who's strange but special... A most peculiar mademoiselle... It's a pity and a sin; She doesn't
    quite fit in! But she really is a funny girl; though a princess but a funny girl... She really is a funny girl! That

Jasmine turned back toward the people when the song ended. She then shrugged and continued to read as she continued to read as she
walked back home to the palace. Monzeroth lept from the roof and stood in front of Jasmine. He greeted, "Hello, Princess."
Jasmine gave a small glance and said, "Salaam, Monzerath." She walked away, but Monzareth snatched Jasmine's book and got her

Jasmine looked at Monzeroth and asked in an annoyed tone, "Monzerath, may I have my book please?" She reached for her book, but
Monzeroth dodged her and flipped through the pages as he asked, "How can you read this? There's no pictures!" Jasmine folded her
arms and shook her head, "Well, some people use their imagination."

"Jasmine, it's about time you got your head out of those books," Monzerath said as he tossed the book away and it landed in a mud puddle,
then Jasmine went over to it, "And paid attention attention to more important things. Like me." Fatima, Farrah, Abdullah said and battered
their lashes. Jasmine picked the book with her fingers and wiped the cover clean with a cloth in her pocket. Monzerath said, "The whole
city of Agrabah is talking about it. It's not right for a woman to read. Let alone a princess. Soon she starts getting ideas and thinking..."

"Monzerath, you are positively primeval." Jasmine said after cleaning her book. Monzerath smirked, "Why, thank you, Jasmine." He places an arm
around her shoulders, takes her book, and says, "Hey, what do you say you and me take a walk over to the tavern and take a look at my trophies?"
Jasmine replied, "Maybe some other time."

Fatima asked Farrah, "What's wrong with her?"

Farrah replied, "She's crazy!"

"He's gorgeous." Abdullah said.

Jasmine takes her book back and moves away from Monzerath, "Please, Monzerath. I can't. I have to go back home to the palace and help my father.
Goodbye." Abis Mal laughed, "That crazy old loon! He needs all the help he can get!" Monzerath laughed with Abis Mal, but Jasmine said angrily,
"Don't talk about the Sultan that way!" Monzerath stopped laughing and scowled, "Yeah! Don't talk about the Sultan that way!" He bonked Abis Mal on the

Jasmine placed her book into her basket and said, "My father is not crazy; he's a genius!" As she finished saying that, an explosion could be
heard from the palace. She quickly ran home as Monzerath and Abis Mal continued to laugh their heads off. When Jasmine got home, she went to a
cellar located at the west side of the palace and opened the door. She got in and there was smoke everywhere. In the middle of the room,
a barrel stood upside down. Jasmine covered her mouth coughing as she walked in through the smoke.

She called, "Father?" After the smoke cleared, a short man with a white beard was wearing his usual sultan attire. This man was of course the
Sultan of Agrabah himself. At first it appears odd for a sultan to be an inventor, but he thought that inventing things would make another hobby
for him, other than playing with his toys like always.

"Now, how in Allah's name did that happen? Confound it!" the Sultan muttered. He got out of the barrel, but his underwear showing and he quickly
pulled his pants back up. Jasmine walked over and asked, "Are you all right, Father?" The Sultan looked at her and said, "I-I-I'm about ready
to give up on this hunk of junk." Having said that, he walked over to the contraption of some sort and kicked it.

Jasmine shook her head and said, "You always say that." The Sultan walked over to her and grumbled, "I mean it this time! I'll never get this
confounded thing to work!" Jasmine had faith in him and said, "Yes, you will! And you'll win first prize at the fair tomorrow." Her father
gave a scoff and crossed his arms. Jasmine hekd his arm and said, "And become the first Sultan to be a world famous inventor."

"You really believe that?" The Sultan asked.

"I always have." Jasmine replied.

The old little man smiled and said, "Well, what are we waiting for? I'll have this thing fixed in no time." He slid under the machine and put
a pair of goggles on, "Oh, hand me that dog-legged clincher there." Jasmine looked through a tool chest and got the right tool out. She heard
some clanking going on as the Sultan asked, "So did you have a good time at the marketplace today?"

"I got a new book." Jasmine replied, "Father, do you think I'm odd?" The Sultan got out from under the invention and had his goggles on, which
made his eyes look buggy. He asked, "My daughter,odd? Where would you get an idea like that?" Jasmine handed him the tool and shrugged, "Oh, I
don't know. It's just that I'm not sure I fit in with the commoners. Besides, there's no one I can really talk to."

The Sultan fixed some things underneath and asked, "Well, what about that Monzerath? He's a handsome young man." Jasmine sat on a chair and said,
"He's handsome alright. And rude and conceited... Oh, Father. He's not for me." She place her chin on her head and leaned on it as the Sultan
said, "Well, don't you worry because this invention is going to be the start life for us and a change for the kingdom."

He got out from under the machine and took off his goggles, then wiped his hands with a red cloth. He said, "I think that's done it. Now let's
give it a try." He pulled on the lever and the machine started whirring, then the machine started to chopping wood like it was supposed to. The
chopped wood flew and landed near a wood pile perfectly!

"It works!" Jasmine happily said. The Sultan asked as he ducked from another wood chunk flying, "It does?" He got up and said joyfully, "By Allah,
it does!" Jasmine smiled and said proudly as she hugged her father, "You did it! You really did it!"

"Hitch up Sahara, my dear. I'm off to the fair!" The Sultan said then a log hit him in the head making him fall unconsious. After he got up, the
Sultan went out and got on a white Arabian stallion with a flowing grey mane. The horse was Sahara. The Sultan got the invention hitched to a
wagon, strapping the horse and mounted.

Jasmine waved and called, "Goodbye, Father. Good luck!"

"Goodbye, Jasmine! And take care while I'm gone!" The Sultan called back as he left.
Beauty and the Rat ch 1
Chapter 1 done!

I had to replace the bonjour with the salaam for fitting the setting since I made this take place in Agrabah instead of a small town in France. Next chapter, The Sultan ends up lost in the woods and stumbles across a foreboding castle where he meets a certain rat beast that resides there.  
Once upon a time in a farway land, a young prince live in a shining castle. Although he had everything his heart desired,
the prince was spoiled, selfish, and unkind.

But then, one winter's night, an old beggar woman came to the castle and offered him a single rose in return for
shelter from the bitter cold. Repulsed by her haggard appearance, the prince sneered at the gift and turned the old woman
away. But she warned not to be decieved by appearances for beauty is found within.

And when he dismissed her again, the old woman's ugliness melted away to reveal a beautiful enchantress. The prince tried
to apologize, but it was to late, for she had seen that there was no love in his heart. And as punishment, she
transformed him into a hideous rat beast and place a powerful spell on the castle and all who lived there.

Ashamed of his monstrous form, the rat beast concealed himself inside his castle with a magic mirror as his only
window to the outside world. The rose she had offered was truly an enchanted rose, which would bloom until his
twenty-first year. If he could learn to love another and her love in return by the time the last petal fell, then the
spell would be broken. If not, he would be doomed to remain a rat beast for all time. As the years passed, he fell into
despair and lost all hope. For who could ever learn to love a rat beast?


Belle: Princess Jasmine (Aladdin)

Beast/Prince Adam: Prof. P. Ratigan/Aladdin (The Great Mouse Detective/Aladdin)

Maurice: The Sultan (Aladdin)

Gaston: Monzerath (Aladdin the series)

Lumiere: Basil of Baker Street/Genie (The Great Mouse Detective/Aladdin)

Cogsworth: Dr. David Q. Dawson/Cassim (The Great Mouse Detective/Aladdin and the King of Theives)

Chip: Fieval/Ranjan (An American Tail/The Jungle Book 2)

Mrs Potts: Mrs Judson/Nanny (The Great Mouse Detective/101 Dalmatians)

Babette: Ms. Kitty/Eden (The Great Mouse Detective/Aladdin the series)

Madame Wardrobe: Barmaid (The Great Mouse Detective)

LeFou: Abis Mal (Aladdin: The Return of Jafar)

Monsieur D'Arque: Jafar (Aladdin)

Phillipe: Sahara (Disney Princess Enchanted Tales: Follow Your Dreams)

Townspeople: Agrabah Citezens, Disney/Non-Disney Characters

Enchanted Objects: Disney/Non-Disney mice characters
Beauty and the Rat Prologue
Here's the prologue for my Beauty and the Beast spoof using mostly characters from The Great Mouse Detective and Aladdin.
Wassup, my fellow Deviants?

Since I've done a cast  for a Beauty and the Beast spoof "Beauty and the Rat",  I'm going to start working on a fanfic based on that.
For those who have read what I had so far in the Great Pikachu Detective fanfic, please do not worry about whether I finish it or not
because I'm really focused on my new story for the moment and I will eventually finish it as soon as I can. Thought maybe I ought to
give you all a head's up.
Wassup, my fellow Deviants?

Since I've done a cast  for a Beauty and the Beast spoof "Beauty and the Rat",  I'm going to start working on a fanfic based on that.
For those who have read what I had so far in the Great Pikachu Detective fanfic, please do not worry about whether I finish it or not
because I'm really focused on my new story for the moment and I will eventually finish it as soon as I can. Thought maybe I ought to
give you all a head's up.


Robin Grossman
United States

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